The Palomino Creek Safehouse is a safehouse available for purchase in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Palomino Creek Safehouse is a house in Palomino Creek, San Andreas. The player can use it to save their game progress, change clothes and store vehicles. Sometimes, when storing two larger vehicles (eg. Rancher and Towtruck, Yosemite and Huntley), the one parked on the right side (looking from in front of the garage) may disappear.


  • Due to a glitch, after exiting the house, CJ will sometimes appear outside facing towards the house, instead of away from it.
  • There is a sign above the garage door that says "Trespasses will be shot". A similar sign can be found at the Easter Basin Naval Station.
  • This safehouse is ideal for saving a Vortex and use in Beat the Cock! event during swimming portion.


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