"This bank has been robbed so many times, we've given up protecting it. Although we don't admit that."
— GTA San Andreas Website.

The Palomino Creek Bank is a bank that appears in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. As its name implies, the bank is located in Palomino Creek, Red County, San Andreas.


The bank is a simple building with a bank sign in front of the building, with the Palomino Creek Diner located behind the bank. The interior of the bank is only accessible during Small Town Bank and the bank is empty before and after the mission. Behind the building, there is a staircase to the rooftop.

Events of GTA San Andreas

In the mission Small Town Bank, Catalina and Carl Johnson rob the bank and steal money from its ATMs, presumably $20,000 (if the two split the money evenly; CJ alone gets $10,000 as a reward).


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