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Get hold of a Post OP van fitted with a transponder that can be programmed to disable the Pacific Standard dye packs. You'll have to photograph a few vans in the field to identify the right one.
— Brief.

Vans is the first heist setup for the Pacific Standard in Grand Theft Auto Online.


The crew is instructed to locate four Post OP Boxville, which are driving around Los Santos delivering packages, so Lester can determine which one is carrying a transponder fitted on the panel behind the back doors. The players are given 9 minutes to complete the objective.

The crew is split into two teams of two; the Drivers and the Navigators. The drivers are tasked to bring a Navigator to one of the vans, while the Navigators have to take a photo of the vans' license plates. However, only the Navigators are able to determine a van's location through the Trackify app. They have to help the Drivers through the Voice Chat (i.e. microphone) or with the on-screen directional indicators to go forward, turn left or right, and go back. Note that players can only heard to each other within a 100m radius.

Once a van is located and the photo is taken successfully, the photos will be sent to Lester, who works out which van has the transponder using the license plates. Once Lester finds the correct van, it will be marked on the map and the players must steal it and deliver it to Paige Harris at the Darnell Bros. garment factory. After the van is delivered, the mission is completed.


Video Walkthrough


GTA Online Heist 5 - The Pacific Standard Job - Vans (Criminal Mastermind)-0


  • The Drivers' objective of "Take a Navigator teammate to a van" seems to be a mistake, as the drivers do not know where the vans are located, that would mean the navigators and drivers would have to talk to each other over a headset.
  • The photographs of the Boxvilles' license plates do not have to be zoomed in, as Lester will accept any clear, unobstructed photograph of the plates. However, he will not accept filtered photographs.