The Pacific Bluffs Country Club is an unenterable members-only country club in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, located on the Great Ocean Highway in Pacific Bluffs, in the outskirts of Los Santos.


The club offers a variety of recreational activities such as jetskiing, surfing, tennis, beach volleyball and netball. Its parking lot offers sixty-three spaces, with four spaces dedicated to handicapped persons.

At the left of the country club are four tennis courts made from acrylic, artificial clay and artificial grass. Within them are metal benches used for spectators and lamp posts bearing the letter 'B'.

In the center of the country club is an 's'-shaped pool, jacuzzi, small bridge and poolside bar. The bar features three beer taps serving Pisswasser, Logger, A.M. and Dusche Gold. Inside the bar is a napkin dispenser, refrigerator ice machine and ice scoop. Surrounding the pool are umbrellas, kickboards, pool noodles and benches.

At the right of the country club are several buildings and Speedophile jetskis on trailers.

Events of GTA V

Franklin killing Wei Cheng at the Pacific Bluffs Country Club.

In The Third Way, Wei Cheng is found surrounded by bodyguards, as well as his son Tao, in a motorcade of vehicles leaving the Pacific Bluffs Country Club. As soon as Franklin arrives or gets too close, Cheng notices him and orders his men to drive off, which they do, but Franklin follows.

Eventually, Franklin kills Cheng and informs Trevor that the Triads are no more, to which Trevor replies that they won't have anyone to sell superweapons too either, but that it does not matter anyway.

Events of GTA Online

GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort

―Tao Cheng, in Casino - Strong Arm Tactics. (English: "I almost got killed at this country club once already. Never again.")

In the middle of the shootout between Avery Duggan's bodyguards, Ms. Baker calls the online players to tell them that she was dropped off at the Pacific Bluffs Country Club, as the Chengs are members there. She asks them to come meet her at the club, while also questioning the sound of gunfire in the background. After the team kills all of Avery's guards, they, Tao, and his translator get into the Cognoscenti, and make a getaway to the country club while also dealing with more of Avery's guards.

While driving Tao and his translator to the Pacific Bluffs Country Club to meet up with Agatha Baker, Tao will mention that he almost got killed at this country club once. This references The Third Way, where Franklin Clinton drives to the same country club, where Tao and his father Wei Cheng are, so therefore confirming Option C as the canon ending.


Prominent Appearances in Missions

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto Online

Executives and Other Criminals

VIP Work


Vehicle Cargo
  • Steal Vehicle Cargo mission (parked or with an active bomb) - the sourced vehicle will be parked at the northern side of the parking lot, outside the building.

After Hours

The Diamond Casino & Resort

Casino Work
  • Bargaining Chips - One of the possible targets in the mission, who owns a pink Faggio, can be found around the Club's buildings.

Los Santos Summer Special


  • American, British and Scottish flags are attached to the roof of one building. 
  • Trevor will spawn here drunk and sunburned while switching characters. He'll always say something to an obese lady that is passing by.


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