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"They say any form of competitive driving requires precision above all else. It's something to bear in mind when you take your turn to launch a sports car hundreds of feet through the air and attempt to parachute in onto the bullseye of a tiny platform. Thread the needle."
— Description.
"You've mastered the art of mercilessly shoving your opponent off the scoring platforms in Overtime Rumble, and now it's time to embrace a new challenge. Overtime Shootout is all about accuracy and finesse and all eyes are on you. Instead of barreling down a ramp alongside your team mates, each player gets their own time to shine - or combust - as they alternate turns in true shootout fashion. Buckle up and aim high as the team with the most points collected by the end wins."
Rockstar Newswire Description.

Overtime Shootout[1] is an Adversary Mode featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the continuation of the Gunrunning update, released on August 8, 2017, during the Nightshark Week event.


The mode consists of two teams using their Ruiner 2000s to jump off ramps onto a set of markers by using the parachute and guiding the car into said markers. Each of these markers ranges from 1 to 5 points, which are distributed differently in each map.

The difficulty of the mode is that once the player enters the play area, the car's jumping ability, acceleration and braking systems are disabled, which means the car may roll out of the play area or be susceptible to be pushed by other players. The markers also have their own difficulty level, meaning the 1-point marker is the largest/easiest to get and the 5-point marker is the smallest/hardest. Once every player lands on the markers, the current attempt ends and a new one starts. If a team scores the highest amount of points in all of the five attempts, they become the winner of the match.

This mode functions similarly to Overtime Rumble, but in this case, each player of both teams participate in turns, meaning one player of the first team jumps first and land on the platform, then another player of the second team and the cycle repeats for the other players.

Scoring Platforms

Map Icon (if separate) Description
A white-colored platform. Scores one point. This is the easiest platform to land on as it usually covers a large area.
A black-colored platform. Scores two points. This platform is easy to land on as it covers a large area, though smaller than one-point platforms.
A blue-colored platform. Scores three points. This platform is medium-sized with moderate difficulty.
A red-colored platform. Scores four points. This platform is much smaller and may be of difficulty to land on.
A yellow-colored platform. Scores five points. This platform is the smallest of all, being barely able to fit a car on and hardest to land on if separated.


Each player receives an unarmed Ruiner 2000 in their respective team color. As with many other team-colored Adversary Mode vehicles, the Purple Team's Ruiner is painted entirely in Metallic Spinnaker Purple, while the Orange Team's Ruiner is painted entirely in Metallic Orange. Another unique feature to these Ruiners is the parachute color, which is also painted in team colors rather than having the standard SecuroServ logo and black color scheme.


Image Location Map
Overtime Shootout I takes place in the Alamo Sea.
Overtime Shootout II takes place in the San Chianski Mountain Range.
Overtime Shootout III takes place just east of Humane Labs and Research.
Overtime Shootout IV takes place in the RON Alternates Wind Farm.
Overtime Shootout V takes place in Rockford Hills.
Overtime Shootout VI takes place in Raton Canyon.
Overtime Shootout VII takes place near Humane Labs and Research.


Overtime Shootout requires players to have good aim, timing, and landing, earning their team more points.

When landing, tilting the car will have different effect that may or may not be beneficial. Cutting the chute early, or landing the car in a flat position, will make the car roll further. Tilting the Ruiner forwards or backwards may slow down the car, or even stop it entirely on the spot. Colliding the rear wheels with the platform's edge will also slow down the car, though one has to be careful as that can cause the car to fall off the platform.

Maps that have complicated targets can be risky for players to go for the higher points. More experienced players will attempt for a higher score, but it's advised to go for larger, more stable, targets.

Note that landing upside-down does not count, so it is preferable to maintain as stable as possible. For non-independent scoring platforms, the scoring system determines the positioning of the car and its wheel sets.

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