"Some things in life are hard, so hard it's almost like a mountain stands in between you and where you need to be!"

Over the Hill II is a user-created race by LXG_No_Mercy, and was published in the first batch of Rockstar verified jobs on December 30, 2013. The track takes players through a narrow and curvy course up, down and around locations such as Mount Chiliad, Braddock Pass and Mount Gordo.


Players begin the race at the Altruist Camp, located in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness. This race is solely made for motorcycles only; any other vehicle class would most likely have trouble fitting in several portions of the mountain. This track is very narrow at a considerable number of points, making it very difficult to climb the mountain when the roads are crowded with players. In order to complete Over the Hill II, players must race through the many dirt roads Blaine County has to offer, which lead up and then down Mount Chiliad to the finish line.

Vehicle Classes


  • Boost
  • Health
  • Rockets


Over The Hill II GTAO Verified Map.png



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