"No two nights are the same at Out of Towners. That's because there are no regulars here, but everyone is welcome. The chatty staff will sit at your table when you order, and they're encouraged to wear many unique buttons on their uniforms to sell the restaurant as a fun, hip place to hang out. With over 1,000 locations nationwide, Out of Towners is an institution. Cubicle workers can often be seen drowning their sorrows in appletinis and jalapeno poppers, right before a boozy tryst in the back seat of a car before heading home to the spouse and kids."

Out of Towners (abbreviated as O.o.T.) is a bar and restaurant chain appearing in Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and Grand Theft Auto V.

The restaurant is based on casual dining chain TGI Friday's.


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Image Location Map Description
Out of Towners GTAIV StarJunction
Corner of Star Junction and Denver-Exeter Avenue, Algonquin, Liberty City
Out of Towners GTAIV StarJunction Map
A prime corner site in Star Junction, decorated externally with the standard green and white striped theme and logo emblazoned on the upper facade. Interior is not accessible in GTA IV. Exterior signs include the tagline, "Eat it and beat it", "Take-out preferred" and "Leaving Parties".
Out of Towners GTAIV Columbus Avenue
Columbus AvenueLiberty City. Between Leopolds and Fanny Crabs
Out of Towners GTAIV Columbus Avenue Map
Located at the southern end of Columbus Avenue, there are no distinguishable features at this site apart from the standard chain exterior design features and colors. Interior is not accessible in GTA IV.
Corner of Frankfort Avenue and Manganese StreetAlgonquin, Liberty City
OOT GTAIV FrankfortSt Map
A multi-level bar with a street entrance on Frankfort Avenue, but no other street-level presence. It appears to occupy both upper floors of the building. Neon beer advertising can be seen in the windows.
Kunzite Street, and Denver-Exeter Avenue surrounding Burger ShotStar Junction, Algonquin
OOT GTAIV Denver Exeter Kunzite St Map
Street frontages on either side of the corner Burger Shot appear to be connected behind the Burger Shot building.
Out of Towners GTAVe Top Entry
Red Desert AvenueDel Perro PierDel Perro BeachLos Santos.
Out of Towners GTAV Del Perro Map




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