Otto's Autos in Downtown San Fierro.

Otto's Autos is an automobile dealership that appears in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is located at the northeast end of Downtown San Fierro, just across from Esplanade East. Vehicles in the showrooms spawn randomly, since it depends on nearby traffic. On the walls of each floor there are several paintings of different Vehicles in GTA San Andreas. These are ZR-350, Infernus, Turismo, and Bullet.

Events of GTA San Andreas

After arriving in San Fierro to discover that the prize he won in a street race is really a derelict garage in the industrial district of Doherty, Carl Johnson decides to turn the garage into a successful chop-shop. To establish a legitimate front for his expanding automobile "business", Carl purchases the Wang Cars dealership at the south end of Downtown San Fierro, just up the street from the Doherty garage. To fill the dealership's showroom floor, Carl and his closest ally from Los Santos, Cesar Vialpando, steal a number of high-performance automobiles from various individuals and locations throughout the area.

In one daring and attention-grabbing effort, Carl and Cesar make their way to Otto's Autos in order to purloin a Sultan and an Elegy. The two men drive the cars from the second floor showroom, bursting through the glass and landing on the Esplanade, and lead the San Fierro police department on a high-speed chase throughout the city, before finally returning the cars to be put on display in the Wang Cars showroom.


  • If the name 'Otto's Autos' is spoken, it sounds like both words are said twice, as the word 'auto' and the name 'Otto' are almost homophonic. 
  • As with Wang Cars, the interior of Otto's is fully visible from the outside and can be accessed at anytime once San Fierro opens up; the glass windows can be broken out by shooting at them or driving a car through them.
  • The Bullet pictured on the posters inside the auto dealership appears to be the beta model which is slightly different in design from the final version.
  • Likely a reference to Otto's Autos, a small garage can be found in GTA V which is called Otto's Auto Parts.


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