"I'm super sexy in this hot city, and I love the pollution, I love the smells, I love it all, but I do miss the clean little air from my hometown, but hey, you can't get it all..."
— Osmosis FM

Osmosis FM is the Scientists' favorite radio station in Grand Theft Auto 2, only transmitting in the Residential District of Anywhere City. It is hosted by DJ Mama Doc, who plays modern dance and pop music.

Joining Mama Doc is an unnamed female that sings humorously off-key. The station criticizes pollution and other bad elements of Anywhere City not present in their Scandinavian hometowns.


For the original songs the year of release is that of GTA 2: 1999.
Authors of the original songs, at the side, in superscript.
1 - This is a licensed song.
  • Davidson - "All I Wanna Do" (1999) 1
  • Pussywillows - "Real Love" (C. Conner)
  • Anna - "Do It On Your Own" (C. Conner)
  • Track 7 - "I Wanna Phunk" (1999) 1






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