Ortega's trailer.

Ortega's trailer is the home of Varrios Los Aztecas leader Ortega in Grand Theft Auto V.


Ortega's trailer appears to be about the same length and design as Trevor's trailer, albeit neater and with a slightly different color scheme. His trailer sits at the edge of a ridge off of Joshua Rd, overlooking the Zancudo River. The trailer has a small porch area, and it has a large satellite dish on its roof. The trailer's poorly-detailed interior contains no other curiosities, other than various generic appliances and a bed.

The trailer plays a prominent role in the mission Mr. Philips. After Trevor Philips launches a war between himself and The Lost MC by killing Johnny Klebitz, Trevor decides to put an end to the Aztecas as well. Trevor, along with a reluctant Ron, drives to Ortega's trailer. Trevor rams his Bodhi into Ortega's trailer and pushes it into the Zancudo River. Ortega, shocked by Trevor's actions, emerges from the water as Trevor must either kill Ortega or spare him.


  • Strangely, Ortega's trailer can be spawned as a vehicle in an hangar using a save editor. When spawned, it appears to be missing the rear wall. Pressing the "enter" button near the trailer will cause the player to warp through the wall and go inside the trailer, but it cannot be driven or controlled in any way. This is likely due to the fact that it moves when Trevor's Bodhi rams it into the river.

    Trailer spawned using save editor.

    • This "vehicle" is defined in the Handling.cfg as PROPTRAILER.
  • Ortega's trailer will still appear in the same location it was even after the player completes the mission Mr. Philips, but this time, it does not move nor can it be destroyed.
  • As it counts as a vehicle during Mr. Philips, the player can destroy it by placing a sticky bomb on it.
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