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"There was a time when owning one of every weapon on the planet was enough. That time is over. These days, if a satellite doesn't have your back, you might as well be playing with sharp sticks. Invest in the Orbital Weapons System, and for a fixed price you can push the big red button and rain hell on any spot of land or sea that invokes your displeasure."
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The Orbital Cannon is a high-powered remote controlled explosive weapon that appears in Grand Theft Auto Online in the Doomsday Heist Update.


The Orbital Cannon is a large circular table in a circular room, with several monitors surrounding the table above. There are five control panels on the table the player can go up to in order to use the weapon.


Players can include the Orbital Cannon when customizing their Facilities at a cost of $900,000.

Once installed, players can target anyone or anything on the map once every in-game day (48 real-time minutes) at a cost of $500,000 per manual fire (or $750,000 for automatic aimed fire) or just use it as a surveillance tool at no cost. If automatic aimed fire is used and misses the target, your shot will be refunded.

Avoiding the Orbital Cannon

  • Using Lester's Off the Radar or VIP/CEO Ghost Organization can render themselves invisible against the Orbital Cannon. This makes it harder to track down targets and cannot appear on automatic targeting list. The Akula and Ultralight will not protect the occupants from going Off the Radar against the Orbital Cannon.
  • Hide inside the apartment, facility, etc. to lose track of the orbital cannon.
  • Go to any underground tunnels and buildings which causes them to disappear from the targeting list.
  • Hide under the parking lot in Pillbox Hill and stay on the first floor. Orbital cannons can shoot through 3 parking lot floors.
  • Arguably, players inside their facility can be killed if the player performs an under the map glitch under Mount Chiliad, stands on top of the Avenger, uses a thermal helmet and sniper rifle which reveals the location of the player inside their facility. This prevents players from using the Orbital Cannon and will spawn on top of Mount Chiliad.
  • If the player owns a Yacht, they can hide inside the Yacht Bridge and are removed from the automatic targeting from the Orbital Cannon.

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Update Change(s)
1.42 Added Orbital Cannon in GTA Online.
1.43 Targets will now disappear from the Orbital Cannon map when entering underground areas or stores. This results of having less range and cannot be killed if they don't appear on target.


  • Killing a player with the Orbital Cannon for the first time will award them with the achievement/trophy "Orbital Obliteration".
    • A stainless steel model of the Orbital Cannon satellite hanging above a similarly-styled globe of the earth will also appear inside the upstairs lounge on the desk beside the computer.
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