The Opposition Memorial is a memorial graveyard in Hashbury, San Fierro, near the Hippy Shopper, and is also an easter egg in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The graveyard consists of three plateaus with 72 graves in total. Plaques with all the honored names are attached to the walls next to the two lower plateaus (although they are too small to read in the game). The memorial looks like a graveyard for war casualties, but upon looking closely the player will see the text RIP Opposition 1997-2004 written on each gravestone. This implies that San Andreas has "killed" the competition, represented by games such as Driver and True Crime.

The dates refer to the release of Grand Theft Auto in 1997 and GTA San Andreas in 2004. Above it is the Rockstar Games coat of arms which consists of the name of a company and Roman numeral of 1998 (MCMXCVIII) showing that it was founded in the said year. Other features are the seal with a letter R in Old English, capsule-like symbol, brass knuckles, and an olive tree with a star on the middle of it, two lions on a left and right side, and a banner with Latin words on it. This is another Easter Egg.


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