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You ready to do business? I got a potential client waiting at Los Santos Golf Club. That's big news, partner, so bring the finesse. Dress right, talk right, and we might just pull this off.
— Brief

On Course (also referred to as The Meet) is the introductory mission featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Contract update.


Meet Franklin FranklinClinton-GTAO-RadarIcon.png at the Los Santos Golf Club in Richman to discuss the VIP client.
'Ey, partner, what's up. Listen, I got some news for us. Yeah, some great news. I don't wanna say too much over the phone, but remember that big client I was fishin' for? The kinda A-Lister that'll give us that jump? Well, check this out. We got a meeting over at the golf club. Yeah, that's right, it's all set. 'Ey, they play that borin'-ass game all day, so just head over there when you ain't handlin shit for the office, a'ight? Oh, yeah, and someone in the clubhouse? They goin' help you get dress code compliant. 'Ey, I'll see you soon, a'ight?
— Franklin's call after the first Security Contract

On the first playthrough, it is received after completing their first Security Contract at the player's Agency; the player will receive a phone call from Franklin Clinton inviting them to Los Santos Golf Club. When replaying the Dr. Dre contract, it is not required to replay this mission.

Enter the clubhouse FranklinClinton-GTAO-RadarIcon.png to meet Franklin and the VIP client.

After picking out an outfit in the clubhouse, the player meets Franklin outside at the golf club proper, who is similarly attired, to meet the important client he has lined up for F. Clinton and Partner. As they walk across the golf course, Franklin explains the club is where all the Vinewood deals get made, but one has to play golf for the important stuff. On the way to the fourth hole, he points out their contact DJ Pooh, who walks over partway to greet Franklin and is introduced to the Protagonist, his business associate. On the way back to the tee-off area, Franklin assures Pooh that the agency is set up and ready to go and Pooh points out that his own reputation will be on the line if the pair doesn't deliver. He then introduces Franklin and the player to rapper Dr. Dre, who has dragged out record executive and friend Jimmy Iovine to play golf.

Just as introductions are made, the group is interrupted by Eugene and Raymond asking to play through, as they are blocking the fourth hole. Dre refuses to allow them through, which causes the two golfers to threaten Dre and the group with a golf course ban, as Raymond's wife is "having an affair with the owner" and therefore has connections.

Once the two storms off, Dre asks Franklin and the player to prove themselves by dealing with the two golfers: if they're good enough to find his property, this should be easy for them. He briefly explains that his cell phone was in fact not lost, but stolen a year ago, and it contained unreleased music he was working on. He is adamant that he get his work secured, as he will not release any music to the public before he decides it's ready. They agree, and when Franklin confronts the golfers, they flee in their golf carts. Franklin and the player jump in a Caddy to begin a pursuit with the player at the wheel.

The player chases the two golf carts through Del Perro, ramming them until an intimidation meter is filled and Raymond gives up. Once the second cart is damaged enough, the player and Franklin tail Eugene to Del Perro Pier, where his Caddy breaks down with him getting out and running in fear for a short length when he trips and falls on the boardwalk. The player then intimidates Eugene by beating him with a golf club, until he ends it by telling them that he'll resign his own membership and drop any action against Dre.

Once the intimidation is over, Franklin calls Dr. Dre and lets him know that the matter has been dealt with. Dre then hires F. Clinton & Partner to search for his cell phone, and Franklin asks him to send them what information he has so they can get started right away.


Franklin will be in touch soon with the plan to recover Dr. Dre's stolen phone.

Golf Outfits have been unlocked and added to your wardrobe.
Clothing Unlocks
Golf Outfits

Players can now access the VIP Contract on the Agency computer to begin the search for Dr. Dre's cell phone.

The selection of golfing outfits the player chooses from at the start of the mission are added to their wardrobe.

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