"They came to me last week. There was a brilliant joy, and a terrible confusion, and they were laughing and screaming and crying all at once, and some said,"Omega, we come in peace!" and others said, "We have come to enslave you! We are an infinitely intelligent race of super cosmic beings, and out of the six billion people on this planet we have chosen you for no good reason." And just then they were about to abduct me and do experiments on me, when their ship crashed."
―Omega, describing his Extraterrestrial encounter to Franklin.

Omega is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a stranger/freak in Grand Theft Auto V.


Omega is a paranoid and eccentric hippie, who believes in extraterrestrial life, and claims that he was visited by the U.S. Military as he is seen wearing dog tags in the mission Far Out.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

Omega is first seen near a trailer in the middle of the Grand Senora Desert, during the mission Far Out. He will be looking for aliens using a special device and talking to himself. When Franklin approaches him, Omega will talk about a group of aliens who was in contact with him a couple of days before. He says that a spaceship fell from the sky in San Andreas, scattering parts across the state. When Franklin doesn't believe him and tries to walk away, Omega shows a photo of one of the pieces of the spaceship in his phone. He says that if Franklin finds any of the pieces, he should collect it and send to him. Franklin leaves the area, saying that Omega is a "freak".

After the player finds all the 50 spaceship parts, Omega will send a text message to Franklin, asking to meet him in his trailer at the Senora Desert Trailer Park. There, Omega takes Franklin to his garage where he keeps his Space Docker and all the 50 spaceship parts that Franklin sent to him. Omega shows a little round object (resembling a UFO), that suddenly starts to fly like an alien spaceship. Omega then leaves the garage, saying "see you on the other side!". Franklin then can take the Space Docker as a reward for collecting all the spaceship parts.

Mission Appearances




  • He bears some similarities to The Truth from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Both are eccentric hippies and conspiracy theorists with a deep distrust towards the government. However, Omega is much younger than The Truth.
  • His mission could be a reference to the Hobo missions in Bully, where he tells the protagonist Jimmy Hopkins to find six transistors to make contact with aliens.
  • Omega is named after a letter in the Greek alphabet, Omega (Ω). The letter Omega is the last letter in the Greek alphabet, and it is commonly used to describe the end or the ultimate limit of something. Theologically, it is used to describe the end of the world, or mankind's ultimate destiny.
  • He carries a device identical to the scanner used by the Epsilon Program member and actor Jimmy Boston.
  • His favorite radio station is Blue Ark.


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