Exterior, from Iroquois Ave

Oleg Minkov's House is a minor location in Grand Theft Auto IV, owned by Oleg Minkov. It is located on Iroquois Avenue, Hove Beach, Broker.


The interior is very similar to the Savannah Avenue Apartment, albeit cleaned up. Inside, only a living room, kitchen, and a hallway in the process of renovation can be found. There is another door at the end of the hall which cannot be opened. 

Mission Appearances

The location is only featured in the mission Wrong is Right. Niko Bellic is sent by United Liberty Paper to infiltrate the home for evidence of Minkov's subversive activities. After hacking his laptop and learning of Minkov's current whereabouts, Niko is sent to kill him.


  • A portrait of Mr. McReary and Maureen McReary can be found above the fireplace. This is a slight oversight, as the fireplace and the portrait are one model and when the fireplace was copied from the interior of the McReary home, the portrait went with it.
  • The front door is only opened in the mission and remains locked for the rest of the game, although you can still enter it in Multiplayer.


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