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Oleg: "Vasily, thank you for coming."
Vasily: "Oleg, you're scaring me. I was even thinking that the man behind you might be watching me."
Oleg: "This is it. He must have been waiting for me. Goodbye, friend."
—Oleg and Vasily in Wrong is Right.

Oleg Minkov (Russian: Олег Миньков) is a Russian civilian living in Iroquois Avenue, Hove Beach, Broker, Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV.


He begins to spread subversive ideas against the American government through the internet and soon after becomes extremely paranoid, believing that the government wants to kill him for what he has wrote.

Events of GTA IV

A government agent at United Liberty Paper hires Niko Bellic to kill Minkov. When Niko comes to his house, he is not home but his laptop lets Niko find out his email to Vasily mentioning their meeting place in Tulsa Street, Broker. When Niko arrives to their location, Vasily detects that Niko is watching him and tells Minkov to be careful. He finds out the threat and escapes by his car. He is later killed by Niko after a car chase.

Mission Appearances



  • Unlike most of the other characters from the game, he doesn't have an entry in the LCPD database.
  • If you look at Minkov's e-mails, one of them is from, telling him to quit his investigation. This may mean that Goldberg, Ligner and Shyster law firm was going to have a case against the United Liberty Paper. This also means Oleg may work for the law firm as well.
  • There is a portrait in Oleg's apartment above his fireplace of Mr. McReary and Maureen McReary. This is because in the files, the model picture frame is attached to the fireplace, so when used in Oleg's apartment, the picture went with it.
  • His favorite radio stations are Vladivostok FM and LCHC.
  • Oleg's 'All-Seeing Eye' laptop background is most likely a reference to the Illuminati.
  • Oleg uses the same character model as James Pedeaston (albeit with a beard) and pedestrians sometimes seen in Hove Beach.