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The Old Venturas Strip is a district in Las Venturas, which appears in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It houses all of the older and original casinos and is only a short drive away from The Strip. To the west is Redsands East, The Strip and Starfish Casino, while to the east are the Julius Thruway East and Creek. To the north is Roca Escalante, while to the south is Pilgrim and The Clown's Pocket. Here, protagonist Carl Johnson can buy a hotel suite for $6,000. The district is based on Las Vegas's Fremont Street.

Places of Interest

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  • A casino in the Old Venturas Strip is the setting for the Venturas Poker Challenge TV Show in Grand Theft Auto IV, however despite images of Las Venturas, including the Strip, being shown, there is no equivalent casino to be found in GTA:SA. However, given that GTA:SA is set in the early 1990s and GTA IV is set in the mid-2000s, it can be presumed that The Venturas Dome was built some time after.
  • The large neon cowboy on the western end of the strip is of Avery Carrington. It is a parody of Vegas Vic, a large cowboy figure in Las Vegas. On the eastern end is a large neon figure of Candy Suxxx, kicking her leg.  It is based on Vegas Vicky, which also does the same action.
  • In the Taxi Driver mission, this district is referred to as "Freemont St." (for example "DESTINATION Freemont St. Casino.")



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