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"Launch a salvage operation on a downed freighter off coast using an aquatic ATV. Once cargo is collected from the sea bed, return it and the aquatic ATV to friendlies. Expect competition from other parties."

Offshore Assets is a Mobile Operations mission featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Gunrunning update.


The team starts on a beach on the east side of Tataviam Mountains and Agent 14 briefs that the Weaponized Vehicle is on its way. As a Cargobob appears with the APC attached, Agent 14 explains to the team the capabilities of the vehicle to do the mission. The vehicle is deployed in the water and the team must swim to get in.

Once the team gets in the vehicle, Agent 14 briefs that a wrecked freighter went down in international waters, which was carrying a sensitive cargo that they need to retrieve. He warns that a mercenary salvage team is on the site and is expected to have resistance from them. Once close to the area, the team looks through a drone camera set by Agent 14, in order to plan the approach. There is a Tug and a sea bed on the sea.

With the approach planed, the team moves to the recovery site. There are six Dinghies and a Buzzard Attack Chopper patrolling the area, as well as enemies standing on the ship, so is preferable to split the team into the ones who picks up the cargo (of course with five rebreathers) and the ones who defends them with the APC. There are six packages to be picked up. As the team takes out the enemies, more will spawn in Dinghies and Buzzards (although only once at a time).

With the packages collected, Agent 14 orders the team to get everything back to the drop off point. Once getting close to the beach, the enemies will start to arrive in more Buzzards and Mesas in an attempt to intercept the team. Once the team is in Los Santos, enemies no longer pursues them, allowing to deliver the packages and the vehicle in an alleyway located in La Mesa, where an Insurgent is seen. The team then delivers the vehicle and the packages inside a Fridgit storage unit area, successfully completing the mission.