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The following is based on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas cut content and has not been verified by canon sources. Reader discretion is advised.
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Officer Carver was scheduled to be a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who was dropped during the development of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Originally Carver appeared in the original Doberman mission.


Carver is a member of the Los Santos Police Department who begins to close the net around fellow officers Frank Tenpenny, Eddie Pulaski, Ralph Pendelbury and Jimmy Hernandez. Carver attempts to have Poncho arrested in the hope that he will talk. Tenpenny orders Carl Johnson to kill Poncho during the mission Doberman.

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas



  • Many players believe that the csplas1 model found in the cutscene files is Carver due to it being for him in the TTDISA mod. However this model is actually an early version of Eddie Pulaski.