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"Teams of two split into Runners and Blockers. Runners aim to be the first to get to the end of a route. Protectors, in faster and more powerful vehicles, must block and run opposing Runners off the road, while protecting their Runner from the other teams."
— Description.
"Runners collect checkpoints in a set order while Blockers catch up and try to help their Runners win in any way they can."
Rockstar Games Social Club Description.

Offense Defense is an Adversary Mode featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Lowriders update, released on October 20, 2015. It is unlocked at Rank 5.


"In this checkpoint Adversary Mode, teams of two are divided into Runners and Blockers. While the goal of the Runners is to get to the end of the route first, the Blockers (in faster, more powerful vehicles) must block the opposing Runners from finishing while also protecting their teammate from enemy assault."
Rockstar Newswire Description.

The players are divided into teams of two. One player will be the Runner and one player will be the Blocker. Players can choose from a variety of vehicles to use.

The Runners of each team will participate in a point-to-point Race driving a Voodoo, whilst the Blockers try to prevent the other team's Runners from getting to the checkpoints, whilst simultaneously protecting their own runner from other Blockers. However, the Blockers are unable to see the checkpoints on the map.

The winners are the first team whose Runner collects all of the checkpoints and finishes the race.


For this mode, communication is vital. Teammates should constantly be in contact with each other. Blockers cannot see checkpoints, so when in the role of a Runner, players can lead them a little astray and then quickly double back, leaving them trying to setup ambushes for routes not even taken. As the Runner, instead of just following the yellow route, consider taking shortcuts to head them off at the pass and stay a step ahead of the opponent. Just use caution, as veering off the path at times might take one through some rough terrain that is tough to get out of. If the player is having difficulty getting past the attacker, there are a few maneuvers to try. If in one of the new Lowrider vehicles, a well-timed hydraulics leap might get one out of a jam. Alternatively, by respawning the vehicle and thus returning to the location of the last checkpoint, players will be provided another opportunity to pick up speed and race past the blocker. Another strategy to consider as a Runner is hanging back in second place until the last minute, as often all the focus is on the leader. The Blockers will take care of them, leaving Runners to cruise past to victory at the right moment.

If players find themselves in the role of a Blocker, don't leave the Runner behind - they're the only member of the team that is able to cross the finish line. If the player is having difficulty catching up to the first place Runner, manually respawn and you will automatically respawn in their vicinity. Blockers won't be restricted to the same path given to the Runners; with a bit of map awareness, it is possible to cut across to the players ahead of the teammate and block them.


Image Description Map
OffenseDefense-GTAO-SS1.png Offense Defense I is a race from Vinewood Hills to the Galileo Observatory over 13 checkpoints. Blockers are in Insurgents. OffenseDefense-GTAO-Map1.png
OffenseDefense-GTAO-SS2.png Offense Defense II is a race from Paleto Bay to the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness over 12 checkpoints. Blockers are in Kurumas. OffenseDefense-GTAO-Map2.png
OffenseDefense-GTAO-SS3.png Offense Defense III is a race from El Burro Heights to Grove Street over 15 checkpoints. Blockers are in Zentornos. OffenseDefense-GTAO-Map3.png
OffenseDefense-GTAO-SS4.png Offense Defense IV is a race from Cassidy Creek to Catfish View over 10 checkpoints. Blockers are in Insurgents. OffenseDefense-GTAO-Map4.png
OffenseDefense-GTAO-SS5.png Offense Defense V is a race from Lago Zancudo to Davis Quartz over 13 checkpoints. Blockers are in Kurumas. OffenseDefense-GTAO-Map5.png

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