Oeuvre Gallery is an art gallery in Grand Theft Auto V.


The gallery is located on the corner of Hawick Avenue and Power Street in Hawick. The building is a plain rectangle while the interior fitout appears minimalist and utilises the full building height on one high ceiling level.

The artworks on display, or for sale, appear modernist in nature. Given the name of the gallery and the style of the works visible in the windows, the gallery could specialise in single-artist exhibitions.

The gallery plays Soulwax FM 24 hours a day and it can be heard from the street outside.


The building that houses the Oeuvre Gallery is based on 6756 Hollywood Boulevard, which currently houses a Doner Kebab Restaurant.



  • Ouvre translates as "a work of art" in English. It could even be a possible reference to the real-life Le Louvre museum in Paris, France.
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