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The Octopus is a general break bulk cargo ship in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V.


In GTA IV the ship is almost identical to the Platypus with some minor additional texture enhancements in the Enhanced Version of GTA V.

The vessel is a medium sized general break bulk cargo ship with a forward draft of 9.5 meters and an aft draft of 10.5 meters marked in GTA V. The hull is painted grey and red, the superstructure is white and the decks are green. The livery on the exhaust stack consists of marine blue stripes with a white central band highlighted by narrower marine blue pinstripes top and bottom. The name is painted on both sides of the bow and on the stern where it is accompanied by the port of registration, Liberty City.

There are 24 rows of cargo access ports amidships with the 12 closest to the bridge split down the center and the 12 forward ports being continuous. There are two sets of on board cranes on the fore-deck for cargo management.

The superstructure rises 5 levels above the deck, with the top level housing the bridge, The interior is inaccessible. There is a radio mast and radar mast atop the superstructure and a further radio mast at the bow. There are exterior stairways leading down from the bridge to the fourth level on the starboard side and down to the third level on the port side, and stairways leads down to second level and the main deck.

There are two six-man permanent lifeboats, one on either side of the third level of the superstructure, and two further life raft containers at the stern.


In GTA IV, it can be found in Port Tudor, Alderney near another ship, the Wet Dream. In GTA V, the Octopus is located in Elysian Island, Los Santos, near Los Santos Naval Port and the Post Op Depository.


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