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Octane Springs is a large oil field in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which is located in mid-eastern Bone County, San Andreas.


The refinery's pumps and derricks, which can be easily spotted from the nearby tracks of the Brown Streak Railroad, service Green Palms, the refinery located immediately to the west. It has exactly 13 pumps. Many of the moving components on the pumpjacks are not solid and the player will pass right through them. The Octane Springs area used to be completely grassy which can be noticed around the pumps.

To the northwest of Octane Springs is Area 69, while to the south is Hunter Quarry. Meanwhile, east of the oil field is Las Venturas, specifically the Blackfield district.

The name is derived from Octane, a component of gasoline which comes from petroleum and a spring referring to the field's underground source of petroleum being pumped out by the pumpjacks and oil wells. This suggests that it is most likely the source of the fuel sold by Tosser, Gasso, Going and Xoomer, which is then shipped to the nearby Green Palms refinery via the pipelines that can be seen in-game.

The oil field could be based on the Foreland Eagle Springs Refinery in Nye County, Nevada.