The Ocean View Hotel is a hotel on Ocean Drive in Ocean Beach, Vice City in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. The hotel is prominently featured in GTA Vice City as the player's first safehouse in the game.


Available from the start of GTA Vice City after "In the beginning...", the Ocean View Hotel is a green, white and yellow Art Deco hotel facing the eastern beachfront of Ocean Beach. The hotel boasts an interior (featured only in GTA Vice City) that includes a detailed lobby, including the stairway and hallway leading upstairs to Tommy Vercetti's suite. The lobby is styled in a dark Art Deco design, while the suite itself is quintessentially 1980s in design with artsy furnishing and light colors.

In GTA Vice City, the hotel serves various purposes:

The hotel as a structure still exists in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and is given a cosmetic refinement, as are with many Ocean Drive buildings in the game. However, the hotel exterior is painted green and yellow and it lacks its "Ocean View Hotel" signage. It is also inaccessible to the player.

The design of the hotel is partially influenced by The Clevelander Hotel in Miami. The in-game depiction simply widens the facade of the hotel, resulting in a hotel design that appears larger.

Mission appearances

Items in Ocean Beach Hotel

In GTA Vice City, Tommy Vercetti's Ocean Beach suite will be filled with various memorabilia either available from the start or available after completion of a specific mission:


During Grand Theft Auto: Vice City the followings songs can be heard playing inside the hotel:

Stationary vehicles

No vehicles can be saved here, but an Oceanic with a yellow-white paintjob constantly spawns parked outside the hotel.


  • During the introduction cutscenes of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the Marco's Bistro scene is actually located within the hotel, but it is normally hidden from view. The room can be accessed through a glitch, though it is not solid.
  • In Grand Theft Auto IV, on a golf course located in Firefly Island, one of the holes has a scaled-down model of the Ocean View Hotel.
  • In the beta, the Ocean View Hotel was originally called the Clevelander, implying that the hotel is based on the Miami hotel.[citation/verification needed]
  • The window in Tommy's suite allows bullets to pass through it, so the player can snipe pedestrians while aiming towards the street.
  • The hotel suite and the Vercetti Estate are the only safehouses to feature rewards from Side Missions or missions.
  • A magazine on the coffee table entitled "Crime" (which features Ricardo Diaz's face on the front cover) may be a parody of Time Magazine because the magazine's masthead uses the almost similar font used in Time Magazine and features a "Man of the Year".