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The Ocean Motion is a container ship in Grand Theft Auto V.


It is a large Panamax class container freighter with an unrealistically low forward draft of 7.8 meters and an aft draft marked at 10 meters.

It has twelve longitudinal stacking racks for 40 ft shipping containers on the main deck in front of the superstructure and a further four stacks aft of the superstructure. Each rack is 13 containers wide and is stacked up to six containers high.

It has a tall superstructure with eight levels above the deck with the bridge topmost. There is a radio and radar mast at the top of the superstructure and another radio mast at the bow. The exhaust stack is marked with a black with blue stripe livery. There are two large orange enclosed lifeboat/tenders mounted, one on each side of the second deck and two life raft containers mounted beside them. A series of external stairways provide access between decks of the superstructure.

The hull is painted black with red below the Plimsoll Line. The superstructure is painted white with the words "SAFETY FIRST" in red. The main deck is painted grey. The bow is marked with the name of the ship painted in white on either side and it is also on the stern along with the numbers 2347. There is no home port of registration marked on the stern.

The interior is completely inaccessible to the player.

Prominent Appearances in Missions

Grand Theft Auto Online

Organization Work
  • Airfreight - a target container may spawn on the Ocean Motion.
  • Vehicle Cargo Export - 4 "Private Buyer" destinations require the vehicle to be delivered into a container on the dock next to the ship, presumably to be loaded on board later.


In GTA V, it can be found in the Terminal district of the Port of Los Santos, in San Andreas. It is located near the Daisy Lee, another container cargo ship.


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