"Man, I gotta kill some cholo motherfucker! He was dissing me, man! Motherfucker done stole my rhymes!"
OG Loc

OG Loc is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Grove Street Families member Big Smoke from his home in Idlewood.


Carl goes to visit Big Smoke at his house in Idlewood, but there's no answer at the door. Just then, Sweet and Big Smoke are seen walking down the driveway and greet Carl. Sweet and Smoke tell Carl that they have to go to the police station in Pershing Square to pick up their friend Jeffrey, who was imprisoned for joyriding and parking fines. On the way to the police station, Smoke tells Carl that Jeffrey is now called "OG Loc". When they arrive at the station, Loc is waiting outside at the front of the building. Carl calls Loc by his real name Jeffrey, which annoys him. Sweet and Smoke then mock him for not going to college. Loc then tells them they have to go see a "Cholo motherfucker" named Freddy in East Los Santos, who apparently stole Loc's rhymes. Although, it is implied multiple times that Loc was raped in prison by Freddy.

In the car, en route to East Los Santos, Loc tells the others he got a job at Burger Shot, courtesy of his parole officer. They soon arrive at the Vagos member's house. Sweet and Smoke leave while Carl stays with Loc. Carl and Loc confront Freddy at his house, who simply says that it was "a prison thing" and then escapes outside via the back door onto a bike. Carl and Loc quickly jump onto another motorbike and give chase to Freddy throughout the streets, alleyways and freeways of Los Santos. Freddy soon takes off down the railway tracks and stops at a basketball court where more Vagos members are awaiting Carl and Loc's arrival. Carl and Loc get into a small shootout with the Vagos members, who are killed along with Freddy. Loc then asks Carl to give him a lift to the Burger Shot in Marina. Carl agrees and drives Loc to the fast-food joint. Loc tells Carl that he'll see him around and heads inside while Carl leaves.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Pick up OG Loc from the police station.
  • Drive to Freddy's house.
  • Go and ring the doorbell.
  • Catch and kill Freddy!
  • Take OG Loc to the employees' door at the back of the Burger Shot.


  • Drive slowly and calmly while chasing Freddy. Driving very fast is not recommended, as Carl's bike skill is probably pretty low at this point in the game. Also, driving too fast may get the player too close to Freddy, and that may give him a chance to shoot at the bike's tyres or hurt the player. Just follow Freddy with patience and he will eventually stop at the basketball courts in East Los Santos.
  • If the player manages to be ahead of Freddy's way, he can make things easier by getting off the bike and using the auto-aim feature to shoot him while he is passing.
  • If the player doesn't want to fall off from the bike easily while chasing Freddy, they must ride a motorcycle around the city/streets often before starting the mission, because it can helps the player to increase their bike skills. Note that if their bike skills are high enough, a small chance from falling from the bike will trigger whilst chasing Freddy.
  • The player can blow up Freddy's bike and avoid the basketball court shootout by using a submachine gun to perform a drive-by and is close enough to Freddy.


The reward for this mission is an increase in respect. The missions Running Dog and Life's a Beach are unlocked.


Carl Johnson goes to Big Smoke's Home to find Big Smoke and Sweet Johnson leaving out of the side entrance to go and pick up OG Loc.
Sweet Hey, you know Jeffrey's been somebody's bitch for the past 3 weeks, right?
Big Smoke (Laughs) I know.
CJ Hey!
Big Smoke Hey, CJ!
Sweet Hey, what's up, CJ?
CJ Wassup?
Big Smoke Wassup, man? Wanna go to prison?
CJ What?
Sweet Nah, to pick up Jeffrey, he's touching down today. You wanna roll?
CJ Yeah, for sure. What Jeffrey doing locked up anyway?
Big Smoke We'll talk about that later, man. Let's roll, we late.
CJ, Big Smoke and Sweet get into Big Smoke's Glendale and head to the Los Santos Police Headquarters.
Sweet Good to hang with you, brother. I'm sorry I can get a little tense.
CJ Don't worry about it.
Big Smoke Hey, it ain't Jeffrey no more. It's OG Loc.
CJ OG Loc?
Sweet Oh yeah, he's a real gangsta now.
CJ I see. And what'd he do?
Big Smoke Anything he could to get thrown in jail for. For his career. Joyriding, parking fines or some other bullshit.
CJ, Big Smoke and Sweet are sitting in car, waiting near Los Santos Police Headquarters entrance.
Big Smoke Hey, there that fool go.
CJ Look at this fool, man. Perpetrating like he banging.
Big Smoke Think he hard. I know that fool can't be serious.
CJ Hey, what's happening with you, Jeffrey?
OG Loc Hey man, it's OG Loc, homie, OG Loc!
CJ Ah, ah, my bad. How was it though, homie?
OG Loc Man, what you think, how was it?
Big Smoke Ey, chill out dude. So what'chu wanna do now?
OG Loc Man, I gotta kill some Cholo motherfucker, he was dissing me, man!
Big Smoke Hey Jeffrey, I thought you were going to, uh, college...(laughter)
OG Loc Man, fuck you! Motherfucker done stole my rhymes! He's at East Flores. Ey, give me a strap.
Sweet Man, why don't you stall us out with that shit and get in the car, fool.
CJ, Smoke, Sweet and OG Loc head to Freddy's house to confront him.
CJ What's your plan, big gangsta? Now you a free man and all.
OG Loc Man, I ain't free, my parole officer lined me up with a job!
Big Smoke Motherfucker always trying to keep a player down.
OG Loc You got that right! Still, ain't so bad, I'm gonna be a 'hygiene technician'.
Sweet Coming up in the world, huh?
OG Loc Just a stepping-stone to greatness.
CJ, Smoke, Sweet and OG Loc stop near Freddy's house to confront him.
OG Loc Man, this is the spot!
CJ Ain't this a Vagos' 'hood?
OG Loc Man, I don't give a shit, I'm gangsta!
Big Smoke C'mon, let's leave Loc to deal with Casanova.
CJ Hey, I'll stick with Jeff... I mean, Loc!
Sweet OK, cool. I'll see you guys back on the set.
Big Smoke and Sweet drive away. OG Loc and CJ go to Freddy's front door. Carl rings the bell.
OG Loc Freddy, I've come for you, you motherfucker!
CJ Hey, Loc, hold up!
Freddy Jeffrey! You got the wrong idea, man! That was just a prison thing! I got plenty of muchachas on the outside, I don't need your scrawny ass!
OG Loc Man, ignore him, CJ, I don't know what he talking about. Hey, yo, give me back my rhymes you thief! I'm gangsta!
Freddy You dropped the soap, sugar! I don't know nothing about any rhymes.
OG Loc *Freddy escapes through back door and gets on a bike* Hey, hey, motherfucker's making a run for it!
CJ Hey Loc, get back here, nigga you crazy!
OG Loc Eh yo, back off me CJ, I gotta protect my rep.*CJ and OG Loc get on another bike*
CJ and OG Loc chase Freddy on a PCJ-600 around Los Santos.
Freddy Ooo! Chase me! Chase me! C'mon, honey, I'm losing my patience! I like the fast ass, not the slow ass! I thought you were keen, cute buns! Catch me if you caaAAAaan! Yoohoo! Over here! Coowee, Jeffrey! You know I love the thrill of the chase! Hey baby, move those sweet cheeks! Try to show a little bit more enthusiasm, darling!
Freddy stops at basketball court in East Los Santos, where he and three Vagos members are trying to kill CJ and OG Loc.
Freddy He's broken my heart! Get him, boys!
OG Loc Yo, I'm gonna kill that loud mouthed motherfucker! Your ass is mine! Oh, no no no, I didn't mean it like that! CJ, help me out here!
OG Loc and CJ kill Freddy.
OG Loc Don't you say a thing, CJ!
CJ (Laughs) Was you lonely, Loc? Ey, I like a nice mustache myself.
OG Loc I keep it real! Unlike you fake ass motherfuckers!
CJ Come on, gangsta, let's get back to the Grove.
OG Loc Nah, I can't. I gotta go and sign for this damn job.
CJ Whatever you want, you want a ride, anyway?
OG Loc Sure thing, let's roll.
CJ takes OG Loc back to the Burger Shot.
OG Loc Hey, take me to the Burger Shot at Verona Beach.
CJ You're the boss.
OG Loc Coz i'm keen, With the hygiene, On a mission, Like a super technician, baby.
CJ Get on with this shit man. Look at you, all muscley and shit.
OG Loc Man, I got 17s on the hang.
CJ You coulda did that out here.
OG Loc Because I did in the joint, it's real now.
CJ Yeah, I guess it is, gangsta.
CJ and OG Loc stop near Burger Shot.
OG Loc Thanks for the ride, CJ. Don't be a stranger, fool.
CJ Yeah, for sure. I'll see you around.
OG Loc Like a quater pound! Later.

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  • This is the first mission that uses the Trip Skip feature if the player has failed the mission beforehand.
  • In the cutscene when picking up Jeffrey, Big Smoke's car will sometimes be white, instead of the usual blue color. When the cutscene ends, the Glendale is back to being blue again.
  • Note that if Freddy is killed during the chase, Carl Johnson and OG Loc will teleport to the basketball court, then teleport back to where Freddy was killed, the bike will leave and the player will be on foot. However, if the basketball challenge had been completed on any of the courts before the mission and the bike is parked in the middle of the court, after the cutscene, the motorbike will still be there.
  • After getting on the bike and entering the first alley, a dead person Freddy killed will always be seen next to an onlooker.
  • After the cutscene, Big Smoke and Sweet will head back to the hood. They can be killed with guns, the Rocket Launcher or the "Blow up all cars" cheat, but this will fail the mission.
  • If aiming at OG Loc when he is at Freddy's door, he will start attacking Carl.
  • At some point, Freddy will park his motorcycle and get the Vagos to support him. The player can just use the stairs where Freddy parked his motorcycle as cover and let OG Loc do all the work.
  • Freddy said "you dropped the soap sugar" and "it was just a prison thing", indicating that he raped OG Loc in prison.
  • After killing Freddy, he will drop around $500 but the player will need to collect them quickly before the cutscene. However in the PC and mobile edition of the game (confirmed), the player can still collect them after the cutscene.
  • After Carl and OG Loc are dropped off at Freddy's house, as Big Smoke drives away, he may sometimes accidentally run over OG Loc, depending on how the player initially parked the car.
  • During this mission, Freddy drives his PCJ-600 alone, while still able to shoot in any direction. This feature is neither available to CJ in the game (CJ can only shoot ahead or to the side, while driving the bike), nor ever done by any other character.
  • It is possible to lose OG Loc by crashing the PCJ-600. Carl will then be on his own to kill Freddy. However, even if this happens and Carl kills Freddy before he reaches the basketball court, the cutscene where OG Loc points a gun at him after his death will appear.
  • If Carl happens to steal Freddy's bike before he is dead, the game will crash.
  • Freddy can also be shot at by Vagos or Ballas gang members while cruising on the motorcycle attracting attention by shooting. He can also be killed by other gang members (especially Ballas) when he dismounts his bike and becomes accompanied by the Vagos members.
  • At the end, when OG Loc says "like a quarter pounder" he may be referencing the McDonald's Quarter Pounder.
  • Failing this mission at any time without being wasted or busted in the progress will allow Carl to enter nearby houses that normally are accessible only in Burglary missions, but once he exits the house he won't be allowed to enter again. If doing this at Freddy's house, Carl will have a chance to enter it, or nearby houses. (Confirmed in the early PC version, patched in later PC, mobile and re-mastered versions)
  • If Freddy is killed before reaching the basketball court, it is possible for all vehicles normally driving in the streets to disappear, along with the motorcycle that the player was using. Parked vehicles will still appear, but normal traffic won't resume until the mission is complete. OG Log will also be separated from the player, causing the player to drive some distance away and get a message about leaving him behind (tested in PS4 version).
  • There is a way to kill Freddy early in the mission, if the player gets in an area where Freddy passes early he can shoot him causing his bike to catch on fire killing him.
  • If the player manages to pull Freddy off his bike while on foot without killing him, the game will crash.
  • At the beginning of the chase, Freddy will stay still until you get close enough. During that time, Freddy cannot be killed and the PCJ-600 he drives is bulletproof, fireproof, explosion proof, and damage proof. These effects lasts for several seconds after he starts driving (where he does his 2nd turn after he drives through the alley).
    • However, in the remastered version, both Freddy and his bike are invincible all the time so the player can't do a quick finish during the chase and can only be killed once he leaves his PCJ-600 at the basketball court.
  • CJ will automatically be given a Micro SMG during the chase, if he doesn't have a submachine gun (smg ammo if he has one) with 78 bullets.