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[[de:North Rockford Drive]]
[[de:North Rockford Drive]]
[[Category:Streets in GTA V]]
[[Category:Streets in GTA V]]

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The street, as seen from West Eclipse Boulevard.

North Rockford Drive is a long avenue located in Richman Glen, Richman, Morningwood and Del Perro, Los Santos that appears in Grand Theft Auto V. The street begins at the intersection with Marlowe Drive and Tongva Drive, ending at the intersection of San Andreas Avenue and South Rockford Drive.

It has connections to Banham Canyon Drive, Ace Jones Drive, Richman Street, Picture Perfect Drive, Kortz Drive, West Eclipse Boulevard, Cougar Avenue, Boulevard Del Perro, Marathon Avenue and Red Desert Avenue.


It is a four-lane avenue that stretches along the northwestern part of Los Santos. Since it is a semi-rural street, many animals can be found along its northern stretch (in Richman Glen), especially Deer, Coyotes and Cougars. The section in Vinewood Hills and Richman primarily houses several luxurious mansions and a construction site is located near intersection of Ace Jones Drive. Almost all of its businesses are located on the southern half (below West Eclipse Boulevard), in the districts of Del Perro and Morningwood.

Places of Interest


Del Perro

  • Binco (corner of Boulevard Del Perro)
  • Panache Laundry (corner of Boulevard Del Perro)
  • Maze Bank Building (corner of Marathon Avenue)
  • Save-A-Cent (corner of Boulevard Del Perro)


  • Chido! (corner of Cougar Avenue)
  • Oldie But Goodie (corner of West Eclipse Boulevard)
  • Outdoor Action
  • RON filling station (corner of Perth Street)
  • Woody's Auto Service (corner of Boulevard Del Perro)

Richman Glen


  • 2 Jerry Cans:
    • At Limited Service
    • At Ron gas station


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