North Point Trim Track GTAVe Signage

Trim Track sign.

North Point Trim Track is a fitness obstacle course located at North Point, Paleto Bay in Grand Theft Auto V.


North Point Fit Trail GTAV Finished

Resting after completing the track.

The Trim Track is a 9-station fitness obstacle course built and maintained by the Paleto Bay Department of Health and sponsored by Crevis, Junk Energy Drink, Muscle Gymnasium, Flow Water and Ego Chaser Energy Bars.

There is a changing area and first aid caravan at the end of the course. The obstacles are constructed from log rounds with some steel parts and there are tires used on the final obstacle. Pedestrians can often be seen running along the course but they never use any of the obstacle apparatus.

This track is used for Franklin and Mary-Ann during their triathlon in Exercising Demons.