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Noodle Punk is a vehicle mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. The mission is started when the player hops on the Noodleboy parked outside Punk Noodles, which is located near the plaza in the Chinatown district of Portland, Liberty City.


The mission is an exact replication of the Pizza Boy side mission but involves the delivery of noodles in boxes instead of pizzas, with the player being required to deliver the aforementioned noodles to pedestrians on the street sidewalks by performing a drive-by throw. Any weapons the player has are disabled from being fired when driving the Noodleboy. The time limit for each level is capped at 4 minutes and 20 seconds.

From level 7 onwards, there are more customers than noodles, so the player will need to return to Punk Noodles to refill; players should plan their routes via the map accordingly. Players cannot refill their noodles until they fully run out; as such, it will sometimes be beneficial to waste noodles so that one can refill when nearing Punk Noodles.


After completing level 10, the player is rewarded the following:


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  • The Noodleboy used during the mission is bulletproof, which makes it easier to avoid hostile gangs while performing the odd job.
    • However, despite this, caution is still advised as the attacking gang may knock the player off the bike, especially when stopping at customers.
  • The noodle shop attendant will urge the player to deliver noodles with humorous comments, for example, saying how he wanted to be an astronaut but felt forced into the family business; referencing Confucius; and stating that if the kitchen is too hot, one should turn the cooker down.

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  • Pizza Boy, a side mission that follows the same formula as Noodle Punk.
  • Noodle Run, a similar side mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.