Noel Katsuda (Japanese: 勝田 ノエル) is, in 2008, a Japanese criminal in Liberty City who is wanted by the LCPD for gang related violence. He can be killed by Niko Bellic, when doing the Most Wanted side-missions.

It is likely that Noel is his legal English name, but not his Japanese name, if he has one. This is because Japanese names do not have the letter L in them (as they are all replaced by Rs when romanized), and also do not end in consonants other than N. Therefore, he is likely an American of Japanese descent, either second generation or later, although it is impossible to be sure.

His surname likely originates from the Japanese word "katsudo" which means "active". Alternatively, it may originate from "katsudon", which is the name of a Japanese dish.

Prominent Appearances in Missions