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Toni Cipriani: "Donald sent me to pick up some... er... hardware."
8-Ball: "A'ight. I got what you boys need, but it's gonna cost. Don said you'd pay me up-front and he'd 'reimburse' you later."
Toni Cipriani: "...I bet he did."
Toni Cipriani meets with 8-Ball to acquire explosives

No Money, Mo' Problems is the first mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories given to protagonist Toni Cipriani by explosives expert 8-Ball from his shop in Pike Creek, Shoreside Vale, Liberty City.


Toni goes by 8-Ball Autos in Pike Creek, looking for the hardware he needs to 'clear' part of Fort Staunton in Staunton Island. He gives 8-Ball $20,000 for the explosives, with 8-Ball informing Toni that he needs time to get the explosives and that he'll phone him when he has them.

Post-Mission Phone Call

8-Ball: My man? This is 8-Ball. Your hardware is ready to ship out. (If the player has already completed Toshiko Kasen's missions).


There is no monetary reward for completing the mission (indeed, $20,000 is actually taken from Toni's funds). If the player has completed Cash in Kazuki's Chips (the final mission of the Toshiko Kasen strand), then Bringing the House Down is unlocked.


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  • The mission name is a nod to the Notorious B.I.G. rap song; "Mo' Money, Mo' Problems" as well as being a nod to one of the pedestrian lines in GTA III, "No money, no problems!" which is often heard during normal gameplay in poorer regions of Liberty City. Also, this quote can be heard from members of the Liberty City Triads.
  • This mission is similar to Bomb Da Base Act I from GTA III, because both require the player to give 8-Ball a large sum of cash in exchange for explosives.
  • If Toni doesn't have enough cash to pay 8-Ball for the exchange for explosives, both with have a alternative dialogue at very end of the cutscene. [1]