"Tell my father I can see whoever I like!"
Anna Faustin

No Love Lost is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV given to Niko Bellic by Russian Mafia boss Mikhail Faustin from his house in Beachgate, Broker, Liberty City.

This mission features a minor crossover with the mission It's War from The Lost and Damned.


Niko meets Mikhail Faustin at his mansion in Beachgate. Faustin explains that he wants Niko to kill The Lost MC biker Jason Michaels, who has been seeing Mikhail's daughter Anna. Mikhail tells Niko to look for the two around Funland. Niko arrives at the fairground and sees Anna with Jason. Niko confronts Jason, who escapes and warns Niko that The Lost MC will be hunting Niko now. Niko steals a nearby motorcycle and gives chase to Jason, who is joined by some other Lost MC bikers. After chasing Jason through Broker, Niko eventually kills him before he can inform the rest of the Lost. Niko phones Faustin to inform him of Jason's death and the mission is completed.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

Video Walkthrough

GTA 4 - Mission 18 - No Love Lost (1080p)

GTA 4 - Mission 18 - No Love Lost (1080p)


  • The traffic during the chase is scripted, and as such, the vehicles seen are not random: a Declasse Taxi, a Cabby (unusual in Broker) and two parked Esperantos in Crockett Avenue, three Blista Compacts, two Primos, three Ferocis, a Declasse Taxi, a Premier and a Chavos on the Broker-Dukes Expressway; a Cabby, a Taxi, two Chavoses, and a Blista Compact (plus a Bobcat, a Feroci and two Vigeros parked) in Titulo Avenue; a Cabby and two Bobcats in Carson Street; a Taxi, a Blista Compact and a Feroci in Stillwater Avenue; a Blista Compact in Savannah Avenue; two Taxis, a Feroci, a Cabby and a parked Bobcat in Seymour Avenue; and another Cabby, with a parked Bobcat, Feroci and Vigero, in Parr Street.
  • If you fail and retry this mission a number of times, most of the scripted traffic will disappear. Whether a glitch or not, this is extremely helpful as there is no need to dodge other vehicles.
  • It is possible to kill Anna Faustin before going after Jason, although doing so will fail the mission. In a subsequent phone call, Niko will sheepishly blame Anna's death on Jason.
  • The character who first appears in Faustin's house is the Wedding Assassin from the Deal Ending mission.
  • Jason mentions Johnny Klebitz in this mission whom Niko later meets in Bohan.
  • The Lost MC are introduced in this mission (if you haven't already killed Jason)
  • It's not required for the player to take the nearby motorcycle, instead, any vehicle driven to the marker can be used for the chase, including the Turismo parked outside Faustin Mansion. It should be noted that a car can be used for better cover than a motorcycle during the shootout.


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