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"Tell my father I can see whoever I like!"
Anna Faustin

No Love Lost is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV given to Niko Bellic by Russian Mafia boss Mikhail Faustin. He asks Niko to kill his daughter's boyfriend.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go to Firefly Island, meet Anna Faustin & whoever.
  • Chase Jason.
    • Kill Jason on the road. (before other Lost bikers arrived)
    • or, kill Jason & other Lost bikers after the chase.


Drive to a building at the Firefly Island funfair where the couple are talking. Anna's boyfriend will flee on a Zombie motorcycle; chase him on the PCJ-600 nearby and open fire. (Alternatively, use any fast vehicle that you can reach quickly.)

The game will instruct you in how to fire from a vehicle. You can 1) keep shooting Jason, or 2) simply chasing behind him until he met other Lost bikers and arrived somewhere far from the road.

Even Jason drives a cheating-fast enough to leave you behind and not affect (shot down) by Niko's shooting, it is possible to kill Jason before he meet the other Lost bikers.

You can simply follow the gang off road and take cover behind a tree. Use any firearm to kill the gang, preferably at range. Likes other bikers, Jason will lay on the ground alive & incapacitated if lost all of his health point. However, it's necessary kills Jason to complete this mission. If he simply incapacitated, he will keep lie on ground and shouting until gives him one more hit to kills him. Once they are eliminated, the mission is passed.

This mission is an easy opportunity to gain ammunition, as the bikers will drop their weapons once they are killed. The bikers all use either Pistols or Micro-SMG's, while Jason wields a Pump Shotgun.


  • It is possible it is a refrence to the song by the ex-British rock band Joy Division which have a song titled "No Love Lost "
  • Traffic during the chase is scripted (as in numerous other missions in the game), and as such, the vehicles seen are not random: a Declasse Taxi, a Cabby (unusual in Broker) and two parked Esperantos in Crockett Avenue, three Blista Compacts, two Primos, three Ferocis (one will keep pulling the brakes in front of you), a Declasse Taxi, a Premier (which will attempt to cut you off by speeding, crashing into a Blista Compact, and landing right in front of your motorcycle) and a Chavos on the Broker-Dukes Expressway; a Cabby, a Taxi, two Chavoses, and a Blista Compact (plus a Bobcat, a Feroci and two Vigeros parked) in Titulo Avenue; a Cabby and two Bobcats in Carson Street; a Taxi, a Blista Compact and a Feroci in Stillwater Avenue; a Blista Compact (which will attempt to cut you off by speeding through an intersection) in Savannah Avenue; two Taxis, a Feroci, a Cabby and a parked Bobcat in Seymour Avenue; and another Cabby, with a parked Bobcat, Feroci and Vigero, in Parr Street.
    • If you fail and retry this mission a number of times, most of the scripted traffic will disappear. Whether a glitch or not, this is extremely helpful as there is no need to dodge other vehicles.
  • It is possible to kill Anna Faustin before going after Jason, although doing so will fail the mission. In a subsequent telephone dialogue, Niko sheepishly allows Mikhail to assume that it was the biker's fault.
    • If you kill Anna Faustin at the start of the mission, and fail it, Jason will be invincible. He will not suffer any damage at all, and will only get off the bike if it was on fire.
    • Shooting Jason at Funland will cause Anna to scream that Jason is nice and that she hates her father.
  • While chasing the biker, he might say "My boy Johnny's gonna fuck you up!", referring to Johnny Klebitz.
  • The character that first appears in Faustin's house is the Wedding Assassin from the Deal Ending mission.

Video Walkthrough

GTA 4 - Mission 18 - No Love Lost (1080p)

GTA 4 - Mission 18 - No Love Lost (1080p)

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