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Sell Goods is a Nightclubs management application in Grand Theft Auto Online introduced as part of the After Hours update.


And now to the sell page. Your techs will get hold of the product, but you've still got to sell it. Either sell one product at ta time, or offload all your stock, or, if you want to make some real money, top buyers will have specific shopping lists of products... and they'll pay a premium if that whole order is filled. Most of the money goes to you, some goes to the club, of course.
— Tony Prince to the player

After completing the initial setup of the player's Nightclub, access is provided to the management computers in the office and warehouse levels.

The Warehouse Management section allows the player to allocate warehouse technicians to each of their existing illicit businesses. The seven goods types are classified by the type of business and are only available if the player already owns that corresponding CEO, Motorcycle Club, or Gunrunning illicit business.

The Sell Goods application allows the player to embark on a selection of sell jobs to dispose of these crates for profit. Tony Prince takes a 10% cut up to a maximum of $100,000 as a money laundering fee.

Sales Options[]

The amount of goods a player can store depends on the storage options purchased with their club. By default, only one warehouse level is provided.

With the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S releases of Grand Theft Auto Online, Goods related to Motorcycle Club Businesses, such as Cash Creation and Organic Produce, pay 35% more from their original value. The 1.59 update on April 26, 2022 later added this updated value to the PC and Enhanced Edition versions.[1]

Goods Value per crate Minimum storage limit (1 floor) Maximum storage limit (5 floors) Maximum value stored
Cargo and Shipments $10,000 10 50 $500,000
Sporting Goods $5,000 20 100 $500,000
South American Imports $27,000 2 10 $270,000
Pharmaceutical Research $11,475 4 20 $229,500
Organic Produce $2,025 16 80 $162,000
Printing and Copying $1,350 12 60 $81,000
Cash Creation $4,725 8 40 $189,000
Totals 72 360 $1,931,500

The player is required to use the default Speedo Custom or purchase a Mule Custom or a Pounder Custom to deliver the goods. Each vehicle is capable of carrying a fixed volume of crates.

  • Speedo Custom = 0-89 crates.
  • Mule Custom = 90-179 crates.
  • Pounder Custom = 180-360 crates.

Sell Crates[]

The player can select each type of goods individually and sell only those goods.

Sell All Goods[]

The player can select this option to sell all stock of all types in one shipment, provided they have the vehicular capacity available. If the total crates exceeds the capacity of the available delivery vehicles, the sale will not proceed.

Sell: Special Orders[]

At any time, the application will provide three Special Orders, each comprising of combinations of three different goods types of varying quantities. The player can make these shipments which will attract a 5% premium on the sale price for the first listed offer, and a 10% premium on the other two. This, combined with Tony's laundering fee, will result in a loss of only 5.5% for selling the first Special Order, and a 1% for selling any of the other two.
Each Special Order has a designation to a buyer's business. The possible buyer businesses include:

  • Abrolhos Import Exports
  • Ameropean Partners
  • Amir Group Investments
  • BK Exec Lifestyle Ltd
  • Black Hole Holdings
  • Che Dan Group Limited
  • Chiliad International
  • Conch Communications
  • Depredationist Equities
  • East Carraway Holdings
  • Exchange Capital Exchange
  • Finance Holdings Logistics
  • FoxHen Enterprises Ltd
  • Grandgor Communications
  • Homeopathic Holdings Ltd
  • Intermediate Mass Finance Ltd
  • New Austin Capital
  • Objectivian Investment Limited
  • OffShore Logistics
  • Old Media Enterprises
  • Pacific Rim Finance
  • Profit Weaver Enterprises
  • Transparent Finance Investment
  • Tsetse Import Exports

There is a 2.5% bonus applied for each other player in the lobby that is not in the seller's organization; this bonus is calculated from the total after Tony's take. Prior to The Criminal Enterprises update, this bonus was 1% per player.

Sell Goods Jobs[]

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Once the Nightclub owner decides to sell their goods, a random mission is triggered and the objective is to bring the delivery vehicle to its destination(s).

Some of the missions will involve enemy groups, which may be Kkangpae gang members, Madrazo Cartel goons, Lost MC members, or Merryweather Security operatives. Rednecks will also be a possible enemy group if the sell mission occurs in Blaine County.

There are ten different missions:

Single Drop[]

Okay, so we're selling some of the stuff that's been pilling up downstairs... and giving me a heart attack? Great. I've sent you an address, the buyer wants the whole lot dumped right there.
— Tony Prince to the player
Great. I'm going to help you sell some of this stuff... I know nothing about to someone I've never heard of in a transaction I will swear until my death... never took place. Address should be with you now, thankfully it's just one drop.
— Tony Prince to the player

The mission is very straightforward. The player is instructed to drive to a single drop location to complete the sale. However, Tony will inform of possible enemies on the way.

As soon as the player starts driving away from their Nightclub, enemies (in three waves of two vehicles) will spawn in an attempt to take them out and/or destroy the vehicle.

Bad news, some local gangsters got word of this drop off and they want a piece. Try not to get highjacked, 'kay?
— Tony Prince before enemies start chasing the player
Drop-Off Locations
Location Description Image Map
Besides an abandoned Gas Station in the Intersection of East Joshua Road and Seaview Road, Blaine County.
On front of the O'Neil Ranch's Barn, Grapeseed, Blaine County.
Behind Earl's Mini-Mart, Senora Freeway, Grand Senora Desert, Blaine County.
On a dirt road near the Stoner Cement Works Industrial Plant, Joshua Road, Harmony, Blaine County.
J's Bonds's Customer Parking, Paleto Boulevard, Paleto Bay, Blaine County.

Split Drops[]

Alright. As much as I love having product that could get me locked up for life under this roof, it's time to say goodbye. This buyer's wants the delivery split up, so drive to the drop-offs I give you in any order.
— Tony Prince to the player
Hey. So we're freeing up some warehouse space. This buyer wants the drop off split up, get the goods out to those points in any order and make the sale.
— Tony Prince to the player

This mission is similar to the previous one, but the player has to drive to five random locations, which can be completed in any order. However, after completing the second drop, two enemy vehicles will start chasing the player.

Shit. Looks like someone's on your tail. Don't get robbed, I couldn't forgive myself! Tx
— Tony's text after completing the first drop
Drop-Off Locations
Location Description Image Map
Invention Court, Vespucci Canals, Los Santos.
In an alley between Las Lagunas Boulevard and Laguna Place, Hawick, Los Santos.
Hanger Way, Cypress Flats, Los Santos.
Popular Street, East Los Santos, Los Santos.
Inside of the Mosley Auto Service, Strawberry, South Los Santos, Los Santos.
On a house, Ineseno Road, Chumash, Los Santos County.
On a dirt road near Lake Vinewood, Vinewood Hills, Los Santos.
Mirror Park, East Vinewood, Los Santos.
On front of a barn, Route 68, Great Chaparral. Blaine County.
Near the Von Crastenburg Richman Hotel, Rockford Hills, Los Santos.
Martin Madrazo's Lock-up, Grand Senora Desert, Los Santos Count.
Behind an old house, near the Stoner Cement Works Industrial Plant, Joshua Road, Harmony, Blaine County.
Between old houses and trailers, Algonquin Boulevard, Sandy Shores, Blaine County.
Besides the You Tool store, Senora Freeway, Grand Senora Desert, Blaine County.
Besides a LTD Gasoline gas station, Grapeseed Main Street, Grapeseed, Blaine County.

High Risk Trade[]

Okay, well, this is what's known as a high risk trade. Your buyer wants three separate drops, and they want you to know... you're very likely to meet resistance somewhere along the way. Resistance? Yeesh! Thank God it's you out there, not me.
— Tony Prince to the player
So... you really want to make this sale, right? 'Cause the drop off routes have been leaked and you're likely to get jumped somewhere along the way. I admire your perseverance, kid. Good luck.
— Tony Prince to the player

This mission is somewhat similar to the previous one, only that it has less drop-off points at the cost of more enemy forces.

After completing the first drop, two enemy vehicles will chase the player until they are lost or taken out; two more vehicles give chase after the second drop. When approaching the third and last drop, a roadblock will be set up, composed of several enemies and their corresponding vehicles to stop the player's delivery vehicle. Once they are taken out, the player can simply drive to the drop-off location to complete the sale.

One drop and they're already on you!Look out! Tx
— Tony's text after completing the first drop
Urgh, more of these guys. Deal with them if you have to. Tx
— Tony's text after completing the second drop
They set up a roadblock? A roadblock. Look after yourself and try and complete that sale. Txxx
— Tony's text after approaching the third and last drop
Drop-Off Locations
Location Description Image Map
Cottage Park, Dunstable Drive, Rockford Hills, Los Santos.
Intersection of San Andreas Avenue and Mirror Park Boulevard, Murrieta Heights, East Los Santos, Los Santos.
Pier 400, Elysian Island, Los Santos.
Near the Von Crastenburg Richman Hotel, Boulevard Del Perro, Morningwood, Los Santos.
Stoner Cement Works Industrial Plant, Joshua Road, Harmony, Blaine County.
On a dirt road, East Joshua Road, Blaine County.
GoPostal Building, Alta Street, Downtown Vinewood, Los Santos.
On a dirt road near the Stoner Cement Works Industrial Plant, Joshua Road, Harmony, Blaine County.
Near the Procopio Promenade Pier, Procopio Promenade, Paleto Bay, Blaine County.

Offshore Barge Drop[]

Well, um, how about we add transporting illegal goods across borders... to our long list of major crimes? Yeah? The buyer for this stuff wants it dropped on a barge out at sea. Take the goods to the chopper, then fly them out there.
— Tony Prince to the player
Okay, okay. We're selling. Duty free. The buyer wants this stuff dropped on a barge out at sea. You'll drive the goods to the rendezvous point... and airlift it over there. You can fly, right? I really hope so!
— Tony Prince to the player

The player is instructed to drive to the location of a Jetsam Cargobob and airlift it to a Lando-Corp dredge barge off the coast, onto which they need to carefully drop the delivery vehicle and leave the area to complete the mission.

Hey, I've got an update for you. When you get there you should see a Cargobob helicopter ready and waiting. Use the cargo hook on it to airlift your goods to the barge out at sea. Easy, right? Of course.
— Tony Prince to the player after getting near the Cargobob
Okay. You're almost there. There's a cargobob chopper waiting at the rendezvous point. Get in, attach the cargo hook to your van, and fly the whole thing to the buyer's barge. How I got into this business, I will never know.
— Tony Prince to the player after getting near the Cargobob
Alright, I've been watching some video tutorials. You've got to position the helicopter above your vehicle, deploy the hook thing, and, like, lower down onto it. Like a gentle tea bag. You'll hook on and you'll take it nice and slow and pull the van out of there.
— Tony Prince to the player after entering the Cargobob
I'm reading the manual here. Position yourself above the vehicle... remember to deploy the hook, then lower the chopper until you attach the cargo. Then just... take it nice and slow, okay? You can do this... I believe.
— Tony Prince to the player after entering the Cargobob
Drop-Off Locations
Location Description Chopper's Image Chopper's Map Drop-Off Image Drop-Off Map
Paleto Construction Company's Contruction Site, Paleto Boulevard, Paleto Bay, Blaine County.
North Chumash, Blaine County.
Palmer-Taylor Power Station, San Chianski Mountain Range, Los Santos County.

Chopper Tail[]

Okay, so, you want to sell this, right? 'Cause boy do I want it out of our basement! The buyer's people are going to guide you to the drop in a helicopter. Get out to their location and signal them with a flare, then follow the chopper to the drop.
— Tony Prince to the player
Alright, so, what we got? The buyer's people want to keep an eye on this. They're going to guide you from a helicopter. Go out, meet them and signal you're there with a flare. Then follow the chopper, and look out for their signal for where to make the drop. It's simpler than it sounds.
— Tony Prince to the player

The player is instructed to go to a meeting point where the buyer's associates will be above in a Frogger helicopter. The player has to use a Flare Gun to signal them (if they do not have the weapon, they are provided with one), then follow the helicopter to the destination. The chopper will stop if the player is too far away, but will continue to its route when they catch up.

Once they arrive to the location, the chopper will drop a flare to mark the drop-off location. The player has to then park the vehicle there to complete the sale.

Uh oh. Buyer says his pilot's off radar :-/ He still wants those goods tho! I've updated your phone with a trackify app with the location of the drop. Get going! Txx
— Tony's text

If the helicopter is spooked or destroyed by the player or rivals, Tony will send a text and inform the player that they can use Trackify to find it[2]

Hey! Remember you'll need to signal the helicopter. Use the flare gun to let them know when you're there. Txx
— Tony's text after approaching the rendezvous point
Ok. They've got you. Now follow the chopper and make the drop and we are good! T xx
— Tony's text after signaling the pilot
Okay there's the drop. My job is done. Park up and my boss will send over the payment.
— The Pilot's text after arriving at the drop
Drop-Off Locations
Location Description Chopper's Image Chopper's Map Drop-Off Image Drop-Off Map

Chopper The Diamond Casino & Resort's parking lot, East Vinewood, Los Santos.

Drop-Off Besides the Walker Warehouse, Plaice Place, Port of Los Santos, Elysian Island, Los Santos.


Chopper In a parking lot near ULSA, Americano Way, Richman, Los Santos.

Drop-Off On a dirt road, near a Static Trailer, Joshua Road, Blaine County.


Chopper El Burro Heights, East Los Santos, Los Santos.

Drop-Off Besides a Static Trailer, on a dirt road near O'Neil Way, Grapeseed, Blaine County.



Alright. So, it seems like... I'm not the only one worried about being caught with all this illegal stuff. Our buyer is communicating on an encrypted channel, this Sightseer app. Unscramble the drop locations and make the drops. And maybe no one will get caught, and we'll all get paid.
— Tony Prince to the player
Okay, we got a buyer for this stuff. At least I think we do, everything's encrypted, so I could be talking to a washing machine. They're sending the drop locations on this Sightseer app I've uploaded to your phone. Take a look, try and unencrypt the location, then make the drops. Good luck.
— Tony Prince to the player

This mission is similar to the Sightseer VIP/CEO work, where the player has to use the Sightseer app to reveal the drop-off locations. No enemies will spawn during this mission.

Drop-Off Locations
Location Description Image Map
North Rockford Drive, Los Santos.
Near the Rebel Radio Building, Route 68, Blaine County.
Besides the Union Grain Inc, Grapeseed, Blaine County.
On a house, Bridge Street, East Vinewood, Los Santos.
Besides an old house, Grand Senora Desert, Blaine County.
Paleto Forest Sawmill, Paleto Forest, Blaine County.
Wenger Institute, Burton, Los Santos.
Foreclosed Farm, Intersection of Senora Road and Baytree Canyon Road, Great Chaparral, Blaine County.
Galilee, Mount Chiliad, Blaine County.

Buyer Associate Protection[]

Well, how about this? You'll be dealing with an actual person this time. Make the first two drops, then go meet the buyer's people to deliver the last of the goods. And look out for anyone nasty, the buyer thinks they're being tracked.
— Tony Prince to the player
Okay, time to offload some of this stuff. You're making two dead drops, and the third is a face to face with the buyer's people. They seem pretty paranoid, so look out for trouble along the way, okay?
— Tony Prince to the player
Are those the guys the buyer was worried about? Take them out if they get too close. Tx
— Tony's text after completing the first drop

This mission is similar to the high-risk trade mission. The player is instructed to drive to the first location and drop the crate. Merryweather will spawn to intercept the player in two Mesa SUVs, so they have to be careful on the way to the second drop.

The buyer's associates are in trouble. Get to the final drop as soon as you can. Tx
— Tony's text after completing the second drop

After delivering the second crate, Tony will inform the players that the buyer's associate is in trouble, so they have to get there while avoiding more Merryweather Mesas. After managing to reach the third location, the player has to defend the buyer's associate from three waves of incoming Merryweather forces, which will spawn in two vehicles, each one carrying the driver and a passenger.

There they are! Protect the buyer's people if you can! It's going to cost us if something happens to them! Tx
— Tony's text after approaching the third and last drop
You protected my associate and more importantly my delivery. You and Tony Prince are people we can rely on. Thank you.
— The Buyer's text after successfully protecting the Associate
That's not the way to do business. I'm keeping some of the cash to cover the loss of my favorite associate.
— The Buyer's text after unsuccessfully protecting the Associate

Failing to protect the buyer's associate cut the payment by 100k or about 10% (On top of the Tony's 10% cut).

After failing or succeeding in protecting the buyer's associate, the player is instructed to leave the area to complete the mission.

Drop-Off Locations
Location Description Image Map
Behind a Liquor Store, Brouge Avenue, Davis, South Los Santos, Los Santos.
GoPostal Building, Alta Street, Downtown Vinewood, Los Santos.
In a parking lot, Lindsay Circus, Little Seoul, Los Santos.
Besides a 24/7 Store,  Route 68, Harmony, Blaine County.
Behind the O'Neil Ranch, Grapeseed, Blaine County.
Pala Springs Aerial Tramway's parking lot, Paleto Forest, Blaine County.
In an alley, Innocence Boulevard, Rancho, Los Santos.
Besides an Electric box, Hillcrest Ridge Access Road, Vinewood Hills, Los Santos.
Harmony Truck Stop, Joshua Road, Harmony, Blaine County.

Search for the Buyer[]

Alright, alright. Sale time. This buyer's being a little sketchy... doesn't want to give us too much information... head out to that general area and more details will be forthcoming.
— Tony Prince to the player
Okay, I got the buyer, but they're a little wary of us... they don't want to give details of the drop just yet. Go out to that area, and they'll come through with more instructions.
— Tony Prince to the player

This mission is largely similar to the single drop mission. However, the buyer's location is unknown, so they have to find an orange Kamacho within a large marked area, similar to Executive Search. Once the Kamacho is found or 2 minutes passed since the player entered the search area, the player has to park the delivery vehicle and leave the area to complete the mission.

You there? Right... this guy... he's around here somewhere. Two seconds... Yeah; okay, yeah... he's in a yellow... maybe an orange Kamacho. Start looking and I'll see if I can get an exact location on this end.
— Tony Prince to the player after entering the Search Area
I've found the fucker! Uploaded their location to your GPS. Tx
— Tony s text after 2 minutes has passed since the player entered the Search Area
Mirror Park Drop-Off Locations
Location Description Image Map
Cool Bean's Parking lot, West Mirror Drive, Mirror Park.
Mirror Park Boulevard, Mirror Park.
Besides Chico's Hypermarket. West Mirror Drive, Mirror Park.
West Mirror Drive, Mirror Park.
East Mirror Drive, Mirror Park.
Mirror Place, Mirror Park.
Horny's Burgers's Parking Lot, Intersection of East Mirror Drive and Mirror Park Boulevard, Mirror Park.
Intersection of West Mirror Drive and Mirror Place, Mirror Park.
West Mirror Drive, Mirror Park.
Nikola Place, Mirror Park.
Sandy Shores Drop-Off Locations
Location Description Image Map
Right in front of the "Alamo Sea Marina" sign, The Boat House, Marina Drive, Sandy Shores, Blaine County.
Armadillo Avenue, Sandy Shores, Blaine County.
Ron's Trailer, Sandy Shores, Blaine County.
On an abandoned lot, Marina Drive, Sandy Shores, Blaine County.
Besides Cletus' house, Intersection of Cholla Springs Avenue and Niland Avenue, Sandy Shores, Blaine County.
Besides Alamo Tattoo Studio. Armadillo Avenue, Sandy Shores, Blaine County.
Near Melvin's Ammu-Nation, Mountain View Drive, Sandy Shores, Blaine County.
Intersection of Marina Drive and Algonquin Boulevard, Sandy Shores, Blaine County.
Besides a rusty trailer, Intersection of Panorama Drive and Algonquin Boulevard, Sandy Shores, Blaine County.
Seaton Sand's Automobile Services, Intersection of Zancudo Avenue and Lolita Avenue, Sandy Shores, Blaine County.
Paleto Bay Drop-Off Locations
Location Description Image Map
Morris & Sons Feed and Supplies, Great Ocean Highway, Paleto Bay.
In front of 4584 Procopio Drive, Procopio Drive, Paleto Bay.
At St. Brigid Baptist Church, Paleto Boulevard, Paleto Bay.
Besides a dumpster, Procopio Drive, Paleto Bay.
Besides the Belinda Mays Beauty Salon, Paleto Boulevard, Paleto Bay.

Undamaged Shipment Bonus[]

Good news, the buyer has thrown in a cash bonus. Bad news, you got to get the shipment to them looking pristine. No scrapes, no scratches, no head on collisions. Drive like an old lady for a change. Should not be a problem.
— Tony Prince to the player
Okay, okay. We're gonna sell this stuff... and there might be a cash bonus in it as well. If, and only if the delivery vehicle looks decent when he inspects it. That means don't bang it around. You can do that right?
— Tony Prince to the player

This mission works identical to the high-risk trade mission, but no enemies will spawn. However, Tony informs that the buyer will be very minutious with the delivery vehicle and wants it to be delivered with no damage. A $10,000 bonus will be set, which will be reduced with damage. The same bonus will be added to the sell value once the player brings the vehicle to the final drop.

Okay, well, so much for being careful with it! The more you damage it the less cash you'll get. Txx
— Tony's text after the player goes below $5,000 in damage
Drop-Off Locations
Location Description Image Map
Rockford Hills Church, Rockford Hills, Los Santos.
Great Chaparral,  Los Santos County.
Grape Smugglers Liquor, East Joshua Road, Blaine County.
Meteor Street, Downtown Vinewood, Los Santos.
Besides an old trailer, Harmony, Route 68, Blaine County.
Behind O'Neil Ranch's Barn, Grapeseed, Blaine County.
Behind Miguel Madrazo's MansionRichman Glen, Vinewood Hills, Los Santos.
Besides Los Santos Customs, Popular Street, La Mesa, Los Santos.
Pacific Allied Shipyard, Port of Los Santos, Elysian Island, Los Santos.

Police Ambush[]

Great. I'm going to help you sell some of this stuff... I know nothing about to someone I've never heard of in a transaction I will swear until my death... never took place. Address should be with you now, thankfully it's just one drop.
— Tony Prince to the player
Okay, so we're selling some of the stuff that's been pilling up downstairs... and giving me a heart attack? Great. I've sent you an address, the buyer wants the whole lot dumped right there.
— Tony Prince to the player
Shit! Those were undercover cops! They must have been on the buyer. Try to lose the heat, and I'll see if they've got a new drop location.
— Tony Prince to the player after arriving at the Police Ambush
They were narcs! Our buyer must have had an undercover unit on them. Try and lose them, and I'll see they want these goods dropped somewhere else.
— Tony Prince to the player after arriving at the Police Ambush

The player is instructed to drive to a single drop-off location to deliver the goods. However, it turns out to be an ambush operation, with two Unmarked Cruisers attempting to intercept the player and triggering a two-star wanted level or four-star wanted level if the Unmarked Cruisers are attacked.

Hello... yes... you clear? I've sent you the buyer's fallback location. Get the goods over there and try not to make eye contact with anybody! Anyone could be a narc!
— Tony Prince to the player after losing the cops

Once the player manages to lose the wanted level, an alternate drop-off location will be revealed, so they are safe to deliver the goods with no trouble. The player may then proceed safely to the marked location without hassle.

This variant starts off using the same dialogue and scenario as the Single Drop variant, but can be easily distinguished by the fact that no enemy forces will spawn to attack the player on their way to the initial drop-off location and the player getting 20 minutes instead of 10.

Drop-Off Locations
Location Description Fake Drop-Off Image Fake Drop-Off Map Drop-Off Image Drop-Off Map

Fake Drop-Off Auto Repairs, East Joshua Road, Blaine County.

Drop-Off Besides a Barn, Route 68 Approach, Route 68, Great Chaparral.


Fake Drop-Off In a gas station near The Motor Motel, Harmony, Route 68, Blaine County.

Drop-Off Mount Haan Radio Tower, Mount Haan Drive, Vinewood Hills, Los Santos.


Fake Drop-Off Puerto Del Sol Marina, Puerto Del Sol, Los Santos.

Drop-Off Pier 400, Elysian Island, Los Santos.




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Special Vehicle Work Blips-GTAO-475-OfficeEscape Escort | Breakdown Recovery | Cleanup Op | Asset Seizure | Firewall Protection | Coast Guard Duty | End of Transmission | Arms Embargo
Mobile Operations Blips-GTAO-564-GRCovertOpsBlips-GTAO-521-LaptopSevere Weather Patterns | Half-track Bully | Exit Strategy | Offshore Assets | Cover Blown | Mole Hunt | Data Breach | Work Dispute
The Doomsday Heist TheDoomsdayHeist-GTAOe-RadarIcon-Intro
Act 1:
The Data Breaches
PrepsParamedic Equipment | Deluxos | Akula
SetupsDead Courier | Signal Intercepts | Server Farm
FinaleThe Data Breaches
Act 2:
The Bogdan Problem
PrepsKeycards | ULP Intel | Riot Control Van | Strombergs | Torpedo ECU
SetupsAvenger | Rescue ULP | Salvage Hard Drives | Submarine Recon
FinaleThe Bogdan Problem
Act 3:
The Doomsday Scenario
PrepsMarked Cash | Recon | Chernobog | Flight Path | Test Site Intel | Onboard Computer
SetupsRescue Agent 14 | Escort ULP | Barrage | Khanjali | Air Defenses
FinaleThe Doomsday Scenario
Photo Clue | Three Clues | Treasure Chest | Headshot Challenge | Bounty Target
Client Jobs Blips-GTAO-632-BatWp1Blips-GTAO-521-LaptopRobbery in Progress | Data Sweep | Targeted Data | Diamond Shopping | Collector's Pieces | Deal Breaker
The Diamond Casino & Resort Blips-GTAO-679-Casino
Casino Missions Blips-GTAO-678-Agatha-YellowLoose Cheng | House Keeping | Strong Arm Tactics | Play to Win | Bad Beat | Cashing Out
Casino WorkBargaining Chips | Best Laid Plans | Damage Control | Department of Defense | Fake News | High Rollin' | Judgment Call | Lost in Transit | One Armed Bandits | Recovery Time | Safe Bet | Severance | Tour de Force | Under the Influence | Undisclosed Cargo | When the Chips are Down
The Diamond Casino Heist TheDiamondCasinoHeist-GTAOe-RadarIcon-Intro
SetupEquipment | Casino Scoping
Heist Preps
Heist Prep
Vault Contents | Unmarked Weapons | Getaway Vehicles | Hacking Device | Vault Keycards | Guard Patrol Routes | Duggan Shipments | Security Intel | Power Drills | Security Pass | Masks
Silent & Sneaky
Heist Prep
Nano Drones | Vault Lasers | EMP Device | Infiltration Suits
The Big Con
Heist Prep
Gruppe Sechs Gear Part 1 | Gruppe Sechs Gear Part 2 | Bugstar Gear Part 1 | Bugstar Gear Part 2 | Maintenance Gear Part 1 | Maintenance Gear Part 2 | Yung Ancestor: Dead Weight | Yung Ancestor: After Party | Vault Drills | Firefighter Gear | NOOSE Gear
Heist Prep
Thermal Charges | Vault Explosives | Reinforced Armor | Tunnel Boring Machine
FinaleSilent & Sneaky | The Big Con | Aggressive
A Superyacht Life Blips-GTAO-455-YachtHUDIcons-GTAO-BridgeOverboard | Salvage | All Hands | Icebreaker | Bon Voyage | D-Day
The Cayo Perico Heist TheCayoPericoHeist-GTAOe-RadarIcon-Intro
Heist Preps
IntelGather Intel
Approach VehiclesKosatka | Alkonost (Pilot) | Velum | Stealth helicopter (Pilot) | Patrol Boat | Longfin
EquipmentDemolition Charges | Safe Code | Plasma Cutter | Fingerprint Cloner | Cutting Torch
Weapon LoadoutUnmarked Weapons
DisruptionDisrupt Weapons | Disrupt Armor | Disrupt Air Support
FinaleThe Cayo Perico Heist
Robbery Contracts Blips-GTAO-779-AutoShopPropertyBlips-GTAO-783-CarRobberyBoard
SetupImpounded Car
The Bank ContractThermal Charges | Signal Jammers | The Robberies
The Data ContractSafehouse Location | Defenses | The Robbery
The Superdollar DealTracking Device | Virus Software | The Robbery
The Prison ContractInside Man | Access Point | The Hit
The Agency DealEntry Point | Security Pass | The Raid
The E.C.U JobTrain Inventory | Schedule | The Robbery
The Lost ContractLab Locations | Transport Method | The Job
The Union Depository ContractElevator Key | Vault Code | The Robbery
VIP Contract Blips-GTAO-826-AgencyBlips-GTAO-521-Laptop
The Contract: Dr. Dre
On Course
SetupData Recovery
Nightlife LeakThe Nightclub | The Marina | Nightlife Leak
High Society LeakThe Country Club | Guest List | High Society Leak
South Central LeakDavis | The Ballas | South Central Leak
Studio Time | Don't Fuck With Dre
Security Contracts Blips-GTAO-826-AgencyBlips-GTAO-521-LaptopAsset Protection | Gang Termination | Rescue Operation | Liquidize Assets | Recover Valuables | Vehicle Recovery
Payphone Hits Blips-GTAO-817-Payphone-BlueThe Hitmen | The Popstar | The Tech Entrepreneur | The Trolls | The Judge | The Dealers | The CEO | The Cofounder
Short Trips Blips-GTAO-819-MusicStudioBlips-GTAO-496-ProductionWeed-GreenSeed Capital | Fire It Up | OG Kush
Operation Paper Trail Blips-GTAO-AgentULP-YellowULP - Intelligence | ULP - Counterintelligence | ULP - Extraction | ULP - Asset Seizure | ULP - Operation Paper Trail | ULP - Cleanup
First Dose Blips-GTAO-739-Ron-YellowBlips-GTAV-355-Devin-YellowWelcome to the Troupe | Designated Driver | Fatal Incursion | Uncontrolled Substance | Make War not Love | Off the Rails
Last Dose Blips-GTAV-355-Devin-YellowThis is an Intervention | Unusual Suspects | Friedmind | Checking In | BDKD
Fooligan JobsCrop Dustin' | Heavy Metal | Liquid Assets | Working Remotely | Write-Off
LSA Private Work Blips-GTAO-589-NHPVehicle1Blips-GTAO-606-NHPTurretConsole
Project OverthrowReporting for Duty | Falling In | On Parade | Breaking Ranks | Unconventional Warfare | Shock & Awe
LSA OperationsDirect Action | Surgical Strike | Whistleblower
Salvage Yard Robberies Blips-GTAO-SalvageYardBlips-GTAO-SalvageYardRobbery
The Cargo Ship Robbery
Scope OutDocks
Planning WorkSabotage And Disguise | Skylift | Disrupt Air Support
TasksBolt Cutters | Boat | Flares | Masks
FinaleThe Cargo Ship Robbery
The Duggan Robbery
Scope OutMaze Bank Arena
Planning WorkBypass Module | VIP Pass | Disrupt Armor
TasksLS Panic Trailer | LS Panic Outfits | Masks
FinaleThe Duggan Robbery
The Gangbanger Robbery
Scope OutMission Row Police Station
Planning WorkPolice Maverick | Tactical Gear | Disrupt Equipment
TasksStun Guns | Weapon Stash | Getaway Vehicle | Masks
FinaleThe Gangbanger Robbery
The Podium Robbery
Scope OutDiamond Casino
Planning WorkLSDS Disguises | Storage Key Card | Disrupt Personnel
TasksGas Masks | Rappel Equipment | Sabotage Casino | Masks
FinaleThe Podium Robbery
The McTony Robbery
Scope OutSubmarine
Planning WorkTony's Submersible | Sonar Equipment | Disrupt Weapons
TasksSecurity Outfits | Cutting Torch | Masks
FinaleThe McTony Robbery
The Cluckin' Bell Farm Raid Blips-GTAO-VincentEffenburger-Yellow
SetupSlush Fund | Breaking and Entering
PreparationConcealed Weapons | Hit and Run
DisruptionDisorganized Crime
FinaleScene of the Crime
Freemode Missions [?]
Ammu-Nation Contract | Auto Shop Service | Clubhouse Bar Resupply | Custom Bike Shop Service | Dispatch Work | DJ Requests | Exotic Exports | Madrazo Hits | Nightclub Management | Random Events | Stash Houses | Taxi Work | Tow Truck Service
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