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This article or section refers to "enhanced version" content in the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC renditions of Grand Theft Auto V and/or Grand Theft Auto Online, that is absent on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 versions.
For a complete list of the features of the "enhanced" version of Grand Theft Auto V, please see here.

Resident DJ is the Nightclub management app which can lead to a series of four Free Mode missions in Grand Theft Auto Online introduced as part of the GTA Online: After Hours update.


After purchasing a Nightclub and viewing the introductory cutscene with Tony Prince and Lazlow Jones, the player must conduct Setup work to start up their business. There are three setup jobs to be conducted, Staff, Equipment and recruit a DJ. The first two must be completed (in any order) before the third becomes available.

DJ recruitment is required. From July 24 to July 31 2018, Solomun was the only DJ available. Players are automatically sent to collect Solomun after a short cutscene once the second nightclub setup job is complete.

After completing all of the setup, access is provided to the management computers in the office and warehouse levels.

After the first week, multiple DJs became available, so the player could choose which DJs to recruit using the management application. They may also receive a call from English Dave telling them about new DJs and allowing them to recruit the DJs on the spot if desired.

Once DJs are recruited, the app allows the player to manage them. New DJs cost $100,000 to book, and switching back to a previously used DJ costs $10,000.

DJ missions


Hey, hold on. Solly! I think we see your plane coming in. What do you mean he's missed the runway? Nah. He can't be passed out! Not with all them uppers in his system. Get up there and do something... push some buttons. Proper bad juju, mate. We might be about to lose our DJ. Follow that private jet.
— English Dave to Solomun and the player on arrival at the airport.

Tony Prince sends the player and English Dave in Tony's Schafter V12 to LSIA to pick up Solomun who is due to arrive on a private jet. The pilot passes out just as the plane is approaching and Solomun takes the controls and crash-lands at Sandy Shores Airfield while the player chases the jet.

The player then drives back to the nightclub with Solomun and Dave.

Other members of the player's Organizations or Motorcycle Clubs can assist by following the jet but can not drive the car. They can provide protection on the way back to the club from rival players who can not even see the jet but will be able to intercept the player on the return journey to the club for increased popularity of their own clubs if they prevent the delivery of the DJ.


Video Walkthrough

GTA Online- After Hours - Nightclub Introduction, Setup & Solomun Mission

The Solomun mission starts at 18:53 and ends at 33:28


  • The plane shown in the cutscene of Solomun getting out of the crash-landed plane will have a random livery which may be different to the in-game rendered MyFly livery. Markings may include FlyUS or Air Herler.

Tale of Us

Alright, Tale of Us time, it's all sorted. Except for the small matter of their rider... the wanna get picked up in an Enus Stafford. DJs these days, the fancy fucks. We ain't gonna be able to rent a motor that pricey, so we'll have to lift it... and there happens to be one on the back of a transporter not too far away. Chase it down, release the ramps, and watch it fall off the back. Easy peasy, innit.
English Dave instructions to the player

English Dave says Tale Of Us have a rider which dictates they need to be picked up in an Enus Stafford which needs to be stolen off the back of a transporter trailer.

If the player owns a Stafford, it cannot be used to pick up Tale of Us at LSIA, the mission requires the player to steal it off the transporter.

The player shoots the lower hinges of the transporter to release firstly a Vapid Flash GT and then the upper hinges to release a RUNE Cheburek before the Stafford falls safely to the road and can be stolen. The transporter is indestructible and the driver cannot be shot so it will continue doing a loop of the map until the player shoots out the hinges or an unseen time limit of 30 minutes[vague] expires. Other rival and associate players can see the transporter at all times but it is indestructible to them too. It is possible to cause the truck to jack-knife and detach the trailer, making the hinges an easy static target. Three shots from a Pistol are sufficient to take out each hinge. Once the Stafford is retrieved, the transporter loses its indestructibility.

The player must then evade any wanted level before travelling to LSIA where Dave is waiting and they can collect the DJs and deliver them to their club. Rival players can then intercept the Stafford and prevent delivery of the DJs to increase the popularity of their own clubs.

On the way back it is revealed that the rider Dave was working from was not valid, and there was no need to steal the vehicle, a simple Limo would have done.


Video Walkthrough

GTA Online After Hours - Tale Of Us Mission


Hold on, wait there a sec... I was in the khazi freshening up the pipes... Fucking hell, some little bugger robbed me...That's his bag there...
English Dave instructions to the player

English Dave says that he is picking up Dixon from The Richman Hotel and asks the player to collect them there using Tony Prince's Schafter V12.

Upon arrival, Dave is agitated and reveals that someone has stolen Dixon's backpack containing his gear. The player must chase the thief and his accomplice who escape on a motorcycle. The player does not have to use the Tony's car for the chase. Once the thief is killed, the bag can be picked up and returned to the hotel where Dave is waiting with the DJ and the player can then deliver them both to the club in Tony's car at which point Rival players can intercept them and take out the DJ for increased popularity of their own club.


Video Walkthrough

GTA Online After Hours - Dixon Mission

The Black Madonna

You hear that? We can't have that. If we don't get there sharpish, she'll be playing live from Bollingbroke... not {nightclub}. Shit.
English Dave instructions to the player

English Dave explains that The Black Madonna is prone to "spontaneous acts of generosity" and is throwing a free rave in an underprivileged area and the LSPD have raided it. The player must travel from their nightclub to Puerto Del Sol helipad where Dave is waiting with a Jetsam Cargobob. The player flies to the location of the rave with Dave and finds Marea being loaded into the back of a squad car. The player airlifts the car containing the DJ and a single LSPD officer away from the scene and loses their wanted level and returns to the helipad. Upon landing, the LSPD officer attempts to arrest them but Marea knocks him out with a single punch and the trio return to the club.


Video Walkthrough

GTA Online After Hours - The Black Madonna Mission