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For other businesses in the Grand Theft Auto series, see Nightclub.

Nightclubs are a way for players to make legitimate income in GTA Online but also act as a Hub for players’ other illegal businesses that they already own via the expandable Nightclub Warehouse underneath. The Nightclub can be customized with a choice of Nightclub Style and Nightclub Name – optional add-ons such as a Light Rig, Storage, Dancers and Dry Ice are also available. Players can purchase a Nightclub from the Maze Bank Foreclosures website from a selection of 10 locations.
— Rockstar Games description.[1]

Nightclubs are a business venture introduced to Grand Theft Auto Online in the After Hours update.


Nightclubs were originally introduced to the GTA Online Protagonist by an unsolicited phone call from Tony Prince, until The Contract update. As part of quality of life improvements, such calls were made to be only manually triggered.

Visit [yellow T] to learn more about the After Hours update and how to run your own Nightclub.
Listen, err this is Tony Prince... I'll cut straight to the chase.
I heard you were a... err, a savvy investor, shall we say? Yes, I like that. A savvy investor.
I'm not such a savvy investor... I was going to open up a chain of venues... only that's all gone to shit... again... but head over to, and buy one out of foreclosure... I can open you the best night club in the whole state. Any of them. Seriously.
And so you don't think I don't understand, where there's night clubs there's cash... and where there's cash... there's money that can be... washed.
Anyway, think about it. For the love of all that is fine in this world.
— Tony Prince introductory phone call
Listen... Tony Prince again... the Tony Prince? You know me, Maisonette 9...
The Nightclub Prince of Liberty City? Of course you know. Like I said, I need help.
I need help pretty badly. Things have turned to shit in my life again. I was launching a brand... a franchise... but now I'm dying here... the deal fell through and all the properties are up for sale... please, for the love of all that is unholy and unpleasant and desperate and needy, buy one and we will open up the best night club the West Coast has ever seen... and we will launder more dirty cash than you thought possible,
That's where you want to go.
— Tony's second phone call
Go to to purchase a Nightclub. This property allows you to manage your own personalized style of Nightclub to generate legitimate income and run Club Management missions as a VIP, CEO or MC President.
Purchasing a Nightclub will also give you access to an underground Warehouse. This Warehouse supplements your existing Businesses, acting as a Hub for a variety of Goods types. Assign staff to manage Weapons, Product or Cargo and automatically accrue them over time to sell for profit.
You want to be a club owner, don't you... buy the space - you'll not regret it... Txx
— Tony's follow-up text

The player can purchase any one of 10 locations from Maze Bank Foreclosures.



Map of all locations

Location Image In-game description Base Price
Del Perro
Nightclubs-GTAO-Del Perro
This charming 20's-style building in Del Perro has just enough residual class to offer a post-ironic thrill when you turn it into a throbbing techno dungeon. $1,645,000
Vespucci Canals
Nightclubs-GTAO-Vespucci Canals
There's only one thing needed to push the Vespucci Canals into being more European than Europe, and that's a wildly pretentious and brutally overpriced nightclub set amid the ruins of once-profitable commerce and industry. $1,320,000
One of the little-known perks of setting up a night club in a disused paint factory is the presence of high residual levels of industrial solvent. Good atmosphere, happy patrons, all night. guaranteed. $1,525,000
Imagine you're an international businessperson looking for a world-class night out, but you'd rather not stray too far from your private jet just in case the FIB hears you're on American soil. There's only one way to cater to that vital demographic, and this location is it. $1,135,000
Mission Row
Nightclubs-GTAO-Mission Row
A wise man once said that wealth is relative. And nothing will accentuate the astonishing wealth of your clientelle like stepping out for a cigarette and gazing at the highest concentration of vagrancy in the state. $1,440,000
La Mesa
Nightclubs-GTAO-La Mesa

As well as being walking distance for the young professionals in Mirror Park, this is also the only location in town where the roar of the interstate doubles as the world's biggest sub-woofer.

Cypress Flats
Nightclubs-GTAO-Cypress Flats
Cypress Flats is currently in that perfect sweet spot for a new club: it has barrels overflowing with post-industrial cool but very little housing, so there's nowhere for the hipsters to roost. This place is staying on the edge for years to come. $1,370,000
West Vinewood
Nightclubs-GTAO-West Vinewood
It's hard to find a suitably scuzzy location in West Vinewood. This place was actually in pristine condition until we paid some drifters to live in it for a couple months: now it has all the character it needs, and then some. $1,700,000
Downtown Vinewood
Nightclubs-GTAO-Downtown Vinewood
Downtown Vinewood is the entertainment capital of Los Santos: Oriental Theater, Whirligig Theater, Doppler Cinema — and right in the heart of it. basking in all its abandoned commercial chic, there's a nightclub location with your name on it. $1,670,000
Elysian Island
Nightclubs-GTAO-Elysian Island
Forget homely blue-collar neighborhoods and picturesque abandoned factories. If you want a real challenge, try gentrifying a dockside slum that's knee-deep in industrial discharge and dead fish. If you can bring the A-listers here, you can bring them anywhere. $1,080,000


Customization options
Option Description Image Price
Nightclub Style 3 color schemes $175,000-300,000
This is the kind of authenticity that's made out of nothing but solid concrete
Welcome to the world of possibilities: nothing is forbidden, but nothing is free.
It's amazing what can happen when your only guiding principles are limitless opulence, staggering elitism and the pursuit of overwhelming bodily pleasure.
Light Rig 4 Lighting options $88,000-295,000
Cathedral: the night sky is the limit with this spectacular LED tube rig.
Lightning Storm: plug yourself into the current with this fast-paced geometric rig.
Surge: let the rhythm pulse over you in waves with this ribbon lighting rig.
Dazzle: turn up the intensity with the ultimate laser show.
Nightclub Name
  • Omega (Default)
  • Gefängnis
  • Paradise
  • Studio Los Santos
  • Maisonette Los Santos
  • The Palace
  • Galaxy
  • Technologie
  • Tony's Fun House
Storage Additional Warehouse and Garage space $0-2,143,900
Add up to 4 extra floors to your storage facility.


Add up to three extra floors to your garage, each holding up to ten cars.


Dancers 3 styles for 2 dancers of varying gender: $213,500-255,000
Style 1

Underground: short shorts, neon body paint and plenty of tempo.

2 Girls
2 Boys
1 Boy 1 Girl
Style 2

Transgressive: nothing but a surly attitude and just enough leather to perform.

2 Girls
2 Boys
1 Boy 1 Girl
Style 3

Grandeur: burlesque rules apply: look, but don't touch.

2 Girls
2 Boys
1 Boy 1 Girl
Dry Ice Add instant atmosphere to your dance floor during the key moments of your DJ's set.
Nightclubs-GTAO-Dry Ice
* Set by default on the initial purchase. Only charges when switching back during the renovation.


As with other businesses, the player must first conduct Setup work to start up their business. After that, the nightclub will be filled with the necessary equipment and employees to keep the club running, and will be ready for use.

Setup: Staff[]

The player will be tasked into picking up three staff members located around Los Santos that Tony has poached. Tony requests that the player drives in his Schafter V12 to 3 destinations to pick them up.

The player just needs to pull up and attract the NPC's attention (honking the horn is sufficient). All three can be collected in one trip. After they have been collected, they all need to be taken back to the Nightclub safely.

Setup: Equipment[]

The player also needs to collect equipment to be used at the nightclub. The needed equipment is attached to a Festival Bus being used at a Ritual Sacrifice wind-down party in the Grand Senora Desert and the player will need to steal the bus and deliver it to the nightclub warehouse entrance. Tony requests that the player do it without killing anyone.

Resident DJs[]

DJ recruitment is then required. Players are automatically sent to collect Solomun after a short cut scene once the second setup job was completed.

Interaction Menu[]

A new menu for Nightclub Management is added to the the player's Interaction Menu after purchasing a club.

  • Invite to Nightclub - Invite players to your Nightclub
  • Entry Cost = (Default: Free) $5 increments from $0 to a maximum of $100
Note that the entry fee is purely symbolic and the owner does not directly receive income from other players paying the fee (in-game, it is presumably rolled into the total to be collected each day from the safe; this also applies to other players who purchase drinks).
  • Dry Ice = Enabled/Disabled
  • Nightclub Access = Everyone > Crew > Friends > Crew & Friends > Organization > M/C Club > Associates
    • Default: Everyone
  • DJ Booth Access = Everyone > Crew > Friends > Crew & Friends > Organization > M/C Club > Associates
    • Default: Associates
  • VIP Area Access = Everyone > Crew > Friends > Crew & Friends > Organization > M/C Club > Associates
    • Default: Associates
  • Office Access = Everyone > Crew > Friends > Crew & Friends > Organization > M/C Club > Associates
    • Default: Associates
  • Private Club = Disabled/Enabled
  • Dress Code = None > EDM > Techno
    • Default: None


Once the setup is complete, the club will be fully operational and interactive.

Front Entry[]


The exterior of the club will show an entry corona at a doorway, manned by a bouncer. As the nightclub increases or decreases in popularity, the number of NPCs queuing outside will vary. It can be noted that if the dress code of the nightclub is changed then the exterior queue may reflect the change, unless multiple clubs for different players in the session are located at the same place. Entering another player's club presents the player with an access menu which will list all owners of that location in the current free-roam session.

Cashiers Desk[]

An unnamed female is at the front desk. She is interactive to set the player entry restrictions, entry cost and dress code (these options are also available from the interaction menu).


The head of security, Marcel, usually stands on the main stairwell down from the cashiers desk into the main club and will greet the player as "boss" but he is otherwise non-interactive.

Main Club Floor[]


The main bar is straight ahead and is staffed by an unnamed female bartender. Drinks are free for the owner of the club, visitors pay. If the staff upgrade option is purchased, a second female bartender will be behind the bar.

Beverage Price (visitor) Price (owner)
Pisswasser $5 FREE
Vodka Shot $10 FREE
The Mount Whiskey Shot $55 FREE
Richard's Whiskey Shot $190 FREE
Macbeth Whisky Shot $350 FREE

Dance floor[]

The main dance floor space with two circular slightly elevated platforms for the paid dancers (if hired). A stairway on the left leads up to the VIP area. The DJ stage and sound system is directly ahead. If the staff upgrade option is purchased, a bouncer will be standing at the back of the dance floor.

DJ Stage[]

An elevated stage area with sound and light equipment where the resident DJs perform. Access to the stage from the dance floor is on its left side and a further stairway leads up from the booth to the second level VIP area. To the right of the DJ stage a doorway leads to the restrooms.

If the player is not a member of the groups that have been allowed access, a bouncer will stop the player from accessing either stairway to the booth.


Unisex restrooms with 4 cubicles, 6 wall mounted urinals opposite, or two large troughs depending on the style. A large mirror over the sinks.

A restroom attendant, who is an Epsilonist, is stationed next to the condom vending machine and can be tipped $1 at a time. When tipped 577 times in a single session, the Epsilon Robes will be unlocked.

A doorway to the right is guarded by a bouncer and leads to the elevator and rear garage entry. There is a service elevator in this corridor which can be used to access the basement levels. It does not go up to the office level.

Garage Entry[]


A corona at the garage door will allow access by vehicle directly to the service entrance parking spot. If additional garage space is purchased, a menu will allow selection of the desired garage level.

When entering through the garage on foot, options to enter the nightclub (the default parking space area) or access any of the garage or warehouse levels are provided.

Nightclub Service Entrance[]

A smaller garage area capable of storing one personal vehicle. Vehicles delivered in management missions will be parked in here but will become static props.

A short wide stairway on the left leads directly up to the office space and this provides the quickest access to the office without needing to walk through multiple levels of nightclub floor.

The passage to the right leads to the service elevator providing access to the basement levels in into the club via the restrooms.

If the player is not a member of the groups that have been allowed access, the bouncer will stop the player from accessing this area from the foyer outside the restrooms.

VIP Area[]

The stairway from the main dance floor leads up to the VIP area of the club.


The VIP bar staffed by head bartender, Connie. Expensive champagne can be purchased from this bar, as well as the cheaper fare offered in the downstairs bar. Even the owner must pay for the expensive bottles here. If the staff upgrade option is purchased, a second female bartender will be behind the bar.

Beverage Price (visitor) Price (owner)
Pisswasser $5 FREE
Vodka Shot $10 FREE
The Mount Whiskey Shot $55 FREE
Richard's Whiskey Shot $190 FREE
Macbeth Whisky Shot $350 FREE
Blêuter'd Champagne Silver $30,000 $30,000
Blêuter'd Champagne Gold $50,000 $50,000
Blêuter'd Champagne Diamond $150,000 $150,000

The player can also enter the bar service area and serve free drinks to other players currently visiting their club themselves. The player will not serve drinks to NPCs though.

VIP Lounge[]

A VIP lounge area is located to the left side and a balcony overlooks the main dance floor. The player can sit on the couch. Tony Prince can often be found in this area when he is not in the office space. Celebrities delivered to the club will be found here, dancing or drinking. There is a bottle of vodka or rum that can be consumed and there are joints or cigarettes (depending on the active Resident DJ) on two of the tables that can be smoked.

If the player is not a member of the groups that have been allowed access, they will be unable to cross the threshold into the lounge area from the upper floor, but can still access the VIP bar. If the staff upgrade is purchased, a bouncer will be stationed here to stop unauthorised access.


Another bouncer will be monitoring the door to the office space at the far end of the VIP lounge area. If the player is not a member of the groups that have been allowed access, he will stop the player from accessing either the office or the stairway down to the DJ booth.

A small lobby leads to a circular room with two executive style desks in the center. One of these desks belongs to Tony, the other to the player. Tony's desk includes a small framed photograph of Luis Fernando Lopez.

The player's desk includes a management computer and trophies awarded as part of the nightclub will appear on this desk as they are earned. If the security upgrade is purchased, security camera monitors will be accessible from this desk.


The main elevator is accessible from this circular office space to lead down into the basement warehouse and garage levels. This elevator does not stop at the main club floor.


Earnings from the club operations are added to a hidden safe in the wall opposite the player's desk. The player needs to open and collect from this safe weekly.

Gun Locker[]

A hidden gun locker will appear opposite Tony's desk, but only if the optional security upgrade is installed.


A self-service bar is located behind a privacy glass wall overlooking the top of the DJ Stage and dance floor.

Controls on the wall in the office allow the player to dim the lights of the private bar and activate the privacy glass between the bar and the dance floor.


A small sofa serves as a bed where the player can sleep. A Heavy Revolver can be found on the opposite side if the security upgrade is installed.


There is a fully-functional wardrobe next to the sofa in the corridor leading to the rear garage entrance.


Accessed from the elevator or exterior garage entrance.

Delivery Garage Level B1[]

A garage for the three nightclub delivery vehicles including a Weaponized Vehicle Workshop. Personal vehicles cannot access this level or be stored here.

A free Speedo Custom is automatically provided. The Mule Custom and Pounder Custom will be stored here if purchased.

Default Warehouse Level B1[]

The warehouse is on a shared level with the delivery vehicle garage. Yohan is based here and will usually be sitting at one of three computer terminals in one of the connected circular rooms. An Assault SMG will also spawn here if the security upgrade is purchased. The central circular room has a management computer for the player. Warehouse goods will be stored in the adjoining circular rooms as they are produced.

Optional Basement Levels B2-B4[]

If purchased, up to three additional 10 car garage levels for personal vehicles can be accessed by the internal elevator and if purchased, the first three additional warehouse levels will be on these levels. Much like on Level B1, a weapon will spawn on the computer room desk if the security upgrade is purchased, with B2 spawning a Pump Shotgun, B3 spawning an Advanced Rifle, and B4 spawning a Heavy Sniper.

Optional Terrorbyte Garage and Basement Level B5[]

The fourth additional warehouse level if purchased. Storage space for nightclub goods. Contains a third management computer. if the security upgrade is purchased, one SecuroServ guard will be stationed on this level, and a Grenade Launcher will spawn on the computer room desk.

If the Terrorbyte is purchased, it will be exclusively stored in another fully equipped garage area on this level, and can be upgraded/customized on-site. Some business resupply missions, such as special cargo, can be launched from the garage, but most features, such as the drone and client jobs, require the Terrorbyte to exit the garage first.



Main article: Nightclubs/Dancing

The player can begin dancing anywhere on the two main levels of the club. Dancing in the club to each DJ set awards the player with new achievements and trophies for their desk, as well as limited edition t-shirts. Dancing in an owned nightclub will increase popularity by 1% per minute if the popularity bar is under 50%. After reaching 50% in popularity, the bar will not increase if the player continues dancing.

Dancing on the dance floor level (including in the DJ booth) allows the player to activate a cinematic camera while dancing.

Awards list[]


Dance perfectly in a Nightclub, with no missed beats, for 5 minutes. (Must be continuous)

DJ Specific
  • Solomun 25/8 (Solomun)
    • Dance to Solomun's set in any Nightclub. Complete the platinum Award to earn $20,000 and an exclusive Solomun T-Shirt
      • 5 minutes = Bronze
      • 15 minutes = Silver
      • 30 minutes = Gold
      • 60 minutes = Platinum
  • Afterlight (Tale of Us)
    • Dance to Tale Of Us's set in any Nightclub. Complete the platinum Award to earn $20,000 and an exclusive Tale Of Us T-Shirt
      • 5 minutes = Bronze
      • 15 minutes = Silver
      • 30 minutes = Gold
      • 60 minutes = Platinum
  • Wilderness (Dixon)
    • Dance to Dixon's set in any Nightclub. Complete the platinum Award to earn $20,000 and an exclusive Dixon T-Shirt
      • 5 minutes = Bronze
      • 15 minutes = Silver
      • 30 minutes = Gold
      • 60 minutes = Platinum
  • We Believe (The Black Madonna)
    • Dance to The Black Madonna's set in any Nightclub. Complete the platinum Award to earn $20,000 and an exclusive The Black Madonna T-Shirt
      • 5 minutes = Bronze
      • 15 minutes = Silver
      • 30 minutes = Gold
      • 60 minutes = Platinum
  • Greatest Dancer (Player's desk)


The player can drink at any of the three bars or consume their own Pißwasser from their inventory anywhere. There are also drinks sitting on tables throughout the club that the players can freely drink.

From the self-serve bar, the player has a selection of whiskey or wine which use existing drinking mechanics, but an additional bottle of alcohol requires the player to step up to the table and to pour the shots first, before drinking. As the player becomes more intoxicated, the animation of pouring becomes noticeably more labored and messy.

Ordering a single shot of Macbeth from either bar will cause the player to pass out instantly, but drinking anything else will require at least three rounds depending on the strength of the beverage of choice. Once the player passes out from drinking, they will awaken in a random location. New awards are available for repeatedly drinking oneself to oblivion. Passing out from the shot gives a very small chance of being awarded the Kifflom T-Shirt and the UFO tattoo.

When drinking from one of the bars, the bar staff will motion to refuse service when the player is already intoxicated, but owners will continue to be served until they pass out.


Club Drunk

Get Drunk in any nightclub.

  • 5 times = Bronze
  • 25 times = Silver
  • 50 times = Gold
  • 100 times = Platinum

The "Club Drunk" award counter does not require that the player pass out, but the T-Shirts do.


Players manage their club from the computers in the office or basement levels. The player can also watch a livestream of the current DJ from their computer. The Home screen gives a summary of the club status.

Nightclub Management[]

This application shows the popularity of the nightclub, number of player visits, current clientele, current daily income, safe capacity, and celebrity appearances as statistics. The player can start a promotion mission using the 'Promote Club' button as well as view a graph of the daily income changes.

In order to increase and maintain the popularity of the nightclub, the player must undergo regular club management. As the player progresses through management missions, they will encounter various celebrities who will also give the club high popularity. There are various examples of club management which revolve around promoting the club and its DJs. Unlike most other business activities, the player can perform the Promote Club activities in any session type, they are not restricted to Public lobbies only.

Resident DJ[]

This application allows the player to manage which DJ will perform. A sample of the DJ mix can be played back.

  • Solomun will play Johannes Brecht - Page Blanche
  • Tale Of Us will play Fisherman’s Horizon
  • Dixon will play Future Four - Connection (I:Cube Rework)
  • The Black Madonna will play Metro Area - Miura

When a new DJ becomes available, the player can book them for $100,000 and undertake a mission to collect them. If the player wishes to revert to a previous DJ, a $10,000 fee is payable. Changing DJ for the first time will refill the popularity bar, while subsequent changes to previously used DJs will only increase the bar by 10%.

Warehouse Management[]

An application used for assigning the warehouse technician (and hiring more techs) to goods production which allows passive accrual of goods for additional profit. Up to five technicians can be hired and assigned to goods accumulation. The seven goods types are classified by the type of business and are only available if the player already owns the corresponding business.

  • Cargo and Shipments (CEO Office Special Cargo Warehouse or Smuggler's Hangar)
  • Sporting Goods (Gunrunning Bunker)
  • South American Imports (M/C Cocaine Lockup)
  • Pharmaceutical Research (M/C Methamphetamine Lab)
  • Organic Produce (M/C Weed Farm)
  • Printing & Copying (M/C Document Forgery Office)
  • Cash Creation (M/C Counterfeit Cash Factory)

Sell Goods[]

Main article: Nightclubs/Sell Goods

Application used to sell goods produced by the warehouse techs. The goods can be sold by type, by special order or selling total inventory, depending on the capacity of the owned delivery vehicles.


The following upgrades are available for Nightclubs. It should be noted that if the player chooses to trade Nightclubs, all upgrades installed from the previous Nightclub will not be carried over to the new one. The upgrades are:

Upgrade Price Description Impact
Equipment Upgrade $1,425,000 This will improve the productivity of your Warehouse Technicians allowing them to accrue Goods faster.
  • TV monitors throughout the club and basement levels
  • Computers are added to basement levels 2-4
  • Doubles the rate of production of crates
Staff Upgrade $475,000 This will reduce the daily popularity loss of the Nightclub.
  • 1 additional barmaid at each of the bars.
  • Additional bouncers.
Security Upgrade $695,000 This will reduce the likelihood of the Nightclub being attacked by enemies.
  • Adds a gun locker to the office.
  • Security camera monitors on the player's desk.
  • Weapons will spawn throughout the office and basement.
  • Security guards will be found in the basement levels.
  • Reduces frequency of "Help/Raid" mission events by half.

Popularity and Rewards[]


Once set up, a Nightclub on its own will generate up to $50,000 cash every in-game day (48 minutes) as long as the player is in session and keeps popularity high through the management missions. As the popularity bar reduces, so does the payout. With the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S releases of Grand Theft Auto Online, the Nightclub increased from $10,000 to $50,000 cash every in-game day (48 minutes). This updated value was later added to the PC and Enhanced Edition versions.[2]











































Your Nightclub daily earnings are stored in the wall safe Blips-GTAV-272-CashPickup-Green in your office.

The money is stored in the safe in the office to a maximum value of $250,000 and must be manually claimed at least weekly and banked by the player. When the safe is full (Blips-GTAV-272-CashPickup-Red), Tony will message the player and start keeping excess funds for himself.

The safe capacity was $70,000 prior to The Contract update; afterwards, it was increased to $250,000. After the Double Down Week event, it was decreased to $210,000 to avoid a bug where the cash disappeared upon pickup.[3] The capacity was then re-raised to $250,000 with the launch of The Criminal Enterprises update.

Other impacts[]

As popularity lowers, other impacts will be seen in the club.

Lazlow Jones has at least eight different stations, four when the club exceeds 50% popularity and four when the club is unpopular:

  • Popular (happy dialogue)
    • Dancing on the main dance floor with a unicorn hobby-horse.
    • Dancing on the balcony overlooking the dance floor with two oversized red glow sticks.
    • Sitting in the VIP lounge.
    • Dancing on a hired dancer's podium to the left of the DJ booth.
  • Unpopular (depressed dialogue)
    • Sitting at the VIP bar.
    • Lying on the sofa in the office private bar.
    • In the far toilet cubicle in the restrooms.
    • Sitting on the floor in the corridor leading from the service entrance near the elevator.

The drinks available at the bars will become "out of stock", starting with the most expensive whisky and champagne at 60% and progressing until only Pißwasser, vodka, The Mount and silver Blêuter'd are available at 0%.

The club will become emptier, starting with the VIP Lounge and then the VIP bar area, progressing to the public bar and eventually the dance floor.

Tony Prince will not change his activities or dialogue as popularity increases or decreases.


  • Connie - Head Bartender (plus up to three other unnamed bar staff).
  • Marcel - Head Bouncer (plus other unnamed bouncers).
  • Yohan - Warehouse Technician (plus up to four other unnamed techs if hired).
  • Unnamed restroom attendant.
  • Resident DJ:
  • Two unnamed dancers (optional).
  • Security guards (optional).

Yohan's dialogue indicates he finds Connie attractive, but Connie tells the player that she thinks he is a creep. Yohan and the other warehouse staff will remark about their isolation in the basement when visited; some may also recommend the player purchase certain businesses.
After The Criminal Enterprises update, Yohan can be called to start a Nightclub resupply mission.


Occasionally, as one of the night club management missions, Lazlow will require the player to pick up celebrities and drop them off at the club. Once picked up, these celebrities can be found dancing in the nightclub's VIP area. It is possible to have multiple celebrities in the VIP area at one time.

Celebrities include:

Lazlow will also task the player with collecting local unnamed VIPs for the VIP area, however these NPCs will not appear in the VIP room after they are delivered to the club.

English Dave may also task the player with bringing friends of the resident DJ into the club, but like the VIPs, these NPCs will not be seen anywhere after they are delivered.


Features and Details[]





  • As part of the The Contract update, Franklin Clinton mentions he has been at the the player's Nightclub prior to meeting them, and congratulates them for successfully managing it.

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