The Newport Multistory Car Park in GTA III.

The Newport Multistory Car Park is a multistory parking lot featured in Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Located in Newport, Staunton, Liberty City (directly south of the entrance to the Staunton Island Safehouse) the car park is designed in a five-floor split level configuration, two of its highest floors being open air. A ramp at the southwest corner of the highest level is provided as easy access for the player to drive off the top of a building, with a Unique Stunt Jump from the ramp available in GTA III.

In addition to its architectural design, the car park boasts an array of different spawned vehicles that can be stolen at leisure. This is very useful when finding vehicles for the first few cars in the Import/Export garage missions in GTA III or the Love Media car collection in GTA Liberty City Stories. It is also a good place to earn money; when Taxis spawn inside, the player can enter one, gaining $12. Repeat until all Taxis in the garage have been entered.

The garage was also the place where the Yakuza Waka-Gashira, Kenji Kasen was killed by Claude who was disguised as a Colombian Cartel assassin in a Cartel Cruiser. Claude did this from the orders of Donald Love in order to buy newer property at a low price.

In GTA III, the side mission Multistorey Mayhem can be started by parking a Stallion in front of this car park and exiting and reentering the car.


Exclusively in GTA Liberty City Stories
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