The Newport - Fort Staunton Expressway is an overpass expressway from the Newport-Fort Staunton, from which it derives its name, border at the northeast edge of Newport to the southern end of the district at the border with Torrington on Staunton Island, Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories


Can be accessed by several entrances to the highway, as well as out of it.

Fort Staunton to Newport

The road to Fort Staunton to Newport would be the north entrance to south, which involves getting off the coast of Fort Staunton (on the east side of the map), the right side to scroll over the water and after another highway and to encounter the Lips 106 Headquarters on the right and left with posters is that I was over the highway.

Newport to Fort Staunton

The road from Newport to Fort Staunton is almost the same, but the other lane, adjacent to the City Hall and a triangular building as the Rise FM Headquarters in Newport.


Highway is made by some posters on the part of Newport (south). The ads you see are:

Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories



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