This article or section refers to content that is no longer available in
Grand Theft Auto Online

"Get in a Sports Classic, step on the gas, and clear your head with this scenic lap race through bucolic Blaine County. Takes you over bridges and past McKenzie Airfield to remind you of your day job."
―Race description.

Need for Seed is a race featured in Grand Theft Auto Online. Up to 8 players race sports classics around Grapeseed. The race was added in the San Andreas Flight School Update. Players race a simple circuit around the western Grapeseed area.

Vehicle selection is restricted to certain sports classic models:

This land race is no longer available in Grand Theft Auto: Online.


Need For Seed GTAO Race Map


  • The race's name is an obvious reference to the movie Top Gun (given its association with the Flight School Update) and the famous quote "I feel the need...the need for speed!" from Maverick (Tom Cruise) in the movie which also inspired the name of the popular racing video game series and movie, Need For Speed.


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