Nazar Speaks is a fortune-telling machine arcade minigame featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Diamond Casino Heist update.


The machine features the character Madam Nazar, a major character from Red Dead Online. The animatronic Nazar has red glowing eyes and operates rather clunky and robotic. The player can pay $1 (or free if in their own Arcades) to trigger Madam Nazar to recite a fortune to the player. The player then reacts, usually in confusion or deep thought.


There are multiple fortunes the player can receive from Madam Nazar, many of which are references to locations, characters, and objects from both the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption series.



“Your every move is watched! Avoid even the smallest misdemeanor!” Joke referencing the police in Grand Theft Auto V responding to even minor events. Makes all wanted levels obtained by the player 5 stars for some time after.
“I see a three legged man, in a long legged woman. And they are happy!“ Reference to Lester Crest and Georgina Cheng.
“I see a lazy river. Flowing beside a scorched town.” Reference to Limpany in Red Dead Redemption 2.
“I see many people bowing down before a yellow statue of a.. No. No, that cannot be right!” Reference to "Yellow Dog With Cone", a Master Penthouse Decoration. Popular inside joke with the community of GTA Online.
“I hear a voice calling again and again, forlorn! A relative... He wants to... do something...” Reference to Roman Bellic calling Niko to go bowling in Grand Theft Auto IV.
“Beware... not all love is kind. Just climb the mountain and ask my poor Jolene!” Reference to Jolene Cranley-Evans, "The Ghost of Mount Gordo".
“I see cliffs in a silent desert.” Ridges of New Austin from Red Dead Redemption.
“I see a man in a white shirt and a red vest. He is afraid to go to work.” Reference to the Felipe the Valet. The valet is often killed by players.
“I see a strange man in a tall hat... he frightens me.” Reference to the Strange Man from the Red Dead Redemption series.
“I smell lupins... so many lupins. They fill the valley floor!” Reference to Big Valley from Red Dead Redemption 2.
“I see danger in your future. You must take care crossing the road.” Joke about players hitting each other with their vehicles.
“I see grizzled mountains and hungry eyes.” Referencing the Grizzlies region in Red Dead Redemption 2.
“I see a beautiful diamond, the largest in the world! It is cracked.” Reference to The Diamond Casino & Resort being robbed.
“I see a man with evil intentions. He comes to take what is yours.” Reference to the Mugger.
“I see an emerald covered in filth, lying on a beautiful plain.” Emerald Ranch from Red Dead Redemption 2.
“I hear birds, beautiful birds singing in a cage!” Madam Nazar's caravan birds in Red Dead Online.
“At the stroke of twelve, when the moon is fat, the beast will awaken within you!” Reference to the Hunt the Beast Freemode Event.
“I see great and furious judgment descending from the clouds to strike you down!” Reference to the Orbital Cannon.
“I see a vengeful figure from your past, and a reward for your death!” Reference to Bounties.
“I see a secluded isle and upon it I see... *GASP*... it is gone!” Reference to the North Yankton Glitch.
“I see a scorched land. A border; along a river that cannot be crossed.“ Reference to Nuevo Paraíso and the San Luis River from Red Dead Redemption 2.
“I see a door in the shape of a circle, and behind it, endless opportunities opening up to you! If you are able to adapt.” Reference to the Diamond Casino Vault.
“Have you seen... Gavin?” Reference to Nigel, a character from Red Dead Redemption 2.
“I see true love in your future. But only if you act quickly.” Makes the player's rating on The Love Professor arcade game "True Love" for a short time.
“I see beautiful trees in an arid land.” Possible reference to the Joshua trees in Gaptooth Ridge from Red Dead Redemption 2.
“I see a great stone window, looking down upon a cold river.” Reference to Window Rock from Red Dead Redemption 2.
“I see palm trees high in the sky and shimmering pools of warm water and people in... oh.. oh my...” Reference to the Roof Terrace of The Diamond Casino & Resort
“I see trees! Such... tall... trees!” Reference to the Tall Trees region from Red Dead Redemption.
“I see a rooftop, and a briefcase… And death. No no no no, it is not a rooftop.” Reference to the Rooftop Rumble mission.
“I see numbers. One, two, three. I see numbers. Seven, six, four. I see numbers. Five, one, one, two.” Referencing the number sequence that Gertrude Braithwaite recites in Red Dead Redemption 2. After hearing all three sequences, the player can reach Madam Nazar by calling 1237645112.
“I see a man, his name is Johnny! He sits at home but he longs to be on the spot again.” Reference to the Garage Mechanic in GTA Online. The Mechanic used to drive player's vehicles to their location.
“I see wet ground, and figures in the dark. And the spirit of a lonely girl” Reference to Bluewater Marsh and Agnes Dowd from Red Dead Redemption 2.
“I see mists... and fog. I see thunder and lightning! I see a sky covered by clouds. I see... snow!” Changes the in-game weather.
“I see many cars in a white room. No no no, they are all the same car. And I see great wealth! And great boredom. This is a strange vision.” Referencing the Car Duplication Glitch in Grand Theft Auto Online.
“I see the meaning of a song on a stone!… One is done, two is fun.” Reference to the Infinity Killer's Nursery Rhyme.
“I see a ridge in the land… and a falconer… and a black smoke rising to the east.” Reference to Roanoke Ridge from Red Dead Redemption 2.
“I see many shadowy figure sent to kill you!” Possible reference to the Los Santos Slasher, or mercenaries called by other players.
“I see a man with red hair… And a red mark upon his face. He does not belong here.” Reference to Francis Sinclair from Red Dead Redemption 2.
“I see a web, still tangled after years of unraveling. Will you be the one? I wonder…” Reference to the Mount Chiliad Mystery.
“I see bitterness, and ambition, and madness. They shall all come to this city...” Reference to the three protagonists of Grand Theft Auto V: Michael represents bitterness, Franklin represents ambition, and Trevor represents madness.
“I see the ruins of a battle fought long ago.” Reference to Bolger Glade from Red Dead Redemption 2.
“I see... a bright sun in a clear sky.” Possible reference to the weather in-game.
“Kifflom...” Catchphrase for the Epsilon Program.
“Madam Nazar has a beautiful collection. And she is generous. Go, see what trophy she gives you.” Rewards the player with a Nazar Speaks statue for their Arcade and a "Nazar Speaks Tee".
“Remember, the stars favor those who leave no stone unturned.” A reference to the Collector role or players searching for collectibles.
“I see a face beneath the ice. Yet, not the face of a man, or a woman...” Reference to the alien trapped under the ice in North Yankton.

Lester Speaks


The Lester Speaks machine in the Arcade Office, used as an entrance to The Diamond Casino Heist planning room and Arcade Garage.

In the player's Arcade office, there is a variation of a Nazar Speaks machine used as a secret entrance to the planning room for The Diamond Casino Heist. This version has green glowing eyes, glasses resembling Lester Crest's pair, and the name of the machine is changed to "Lester Speaks". Also the jaw on this one appears to be damaged, hanging slightly open and tilted to one side (although it does still move normally when the machine speaks).

Opening this door will cause a recorded response from Lester to come from the machine, usually mocking a fortune teller and referencing the heist:

“Success is not getting caught.”
“There's no such thing as enough.”
“The path ahead is paid in diamonds.”
“I'm, really, this place is bugged.”
“Advice is like kissing, keep it yourself ya creep.”
“The more you pay me the better your fortune will be...maybe.”
“If you're seeking wisdom from a fortune machine, you're a clown.”
“When a good opportunity comes along, mercilessly exploit it 'till there's nothing left.”


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