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For the 2D and 3D Universe counterpart, see SWAT.

Let's tighten the noose!
— NOOSE agents battling the player in Grand Theft Auto V.

The National Office of Security Enforcement (NOOSE) is a law enforcement agency in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing in all of the HD Universe games.


The National Office of Security Enforcement is a federal law enforcement agency responsible for heavily armed emergency responses to any major crime. It plays a major role in Grand Theft Auto IV and its episodes, replacing the SWAT from the 3D Universe with many prominent appearances in missions. NOOSE is primarily based on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and police Special Weapons And Tactics units.

Following the renewal of the Jingoism Act by President Lawton in 2008, the size of NOOSE swelled to more than 30,000 agents as fears of foreign terror gripped the nation, with the vulnerability of Liberty City being a major facet of those fears. Following this, the presence of NOOSE Patriotism and Immigration Authority and Tactical Response Unit teams grew, with an emphasis on combating organised crime and the drug trade in addition to addressing homeland security concerns.

Grand Theft Auto IV

An early artwork showing a NOOSE Tactical Response Unit in action. Note they are using M16A1-style rifles.

The NOOSE is called upon to assist the police when the player has a wanted level of at least three stars or four stars in single-player and in any multiplayer mode (excluding Cops 'n' Crooks). There are two known branches:

  • The first one is the NOOSE Patriotism And Immigration Authority, seemingly responsible for keeping the city safe from illegal immigrants. No PIA personnel are present in the game, rather; LCPD and ASP drive PIA vehicles (only in single player). Their roles differ from LCPD officers and other agencies in that the vehicles used (the NOOSE Cruiser and NOOSE Patriot) are much better performing than their stock variants and are used to erect roadblocks. It is based on the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE).
  • The second one is the NOOSE Tactical Response Unit, providing heavily-armed police responses. Their agents are middle-aged Caucasian, African-American and Hispanic officers, equipped with Body Armor to withstand more gunfire before going down. TRU agents are the only units wearing specialized gear, consisting of a dark grey uniform with the ballistic armor, displaying "POLICE" on the front right and "N.O.O.S.E." on the back. Numerous protective accessories can be seen as well, being protective caps on their elbows and knees, along with layers on their arms displaying the NOOSE logo. NOOSE agents may be seen wearing different combinations of headgear (balaclava, gas mask, helmets, goggles on their faces or over the helmets), although they may sometimes appear with no headgear. Similarly to FIB agents, TRU officers are equipped with Body Armor, allowing them to withstand more gunfire before going down. The Tactical Response Unit is based on the DHS Special Response Team (SRT).

In Multiplayer, NOOSE is the main rival force during Hangman's NOOSE, in which players must escort Kenny Petrovic from the airport to Charge Island.

In The Lost and Damned's multiplayer game mode Witness Protection, a team of players play as NOOSE officers. They must escort a Prison Bus and its occupants to a few police stations in Liberty City while protecting them from The Lost MC. This game mode is the only mode in the series so far that allows players to play as NOOSE officers.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

NOOSE Tactical Response Unit officers are deployed when the player has a three-star wanted level. They chase the player in Enforcers driven by one agent each and engage the player with a Micro SMG.

NOOSE agents always wear blue tactical helmets and equipment with a black shirt.

Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online

NOOSE returns in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, although only as Tactical Response Unit agents (excluding the PIA markings on the Annihilator). They begin to assist the LSPD/LSSD when the player has a wanted level of three stars and above.

On the ground, NOOSE agents are dispatched at four stars driving FIB Grangers (in Los Santos) or Sheriff SUVs (in Blaine County), with two agents hanging off the side of the SUV and using their pistols to shoot the player. If the player barricades themselves in a building, or behind tight cover, the agents will begin to use Tear Gas to force them out. They will also use gas against the player on streets and in open spaces.

In the air, TRU agents will begin to appear in Police Maverick helicopters that will be sent after the player at three stars; they will shoot at the player using Carbine Rifles. At four stars, some helicopters may carry four TRU agents who will rappel down to the ground; alternatively, the helicopter may land and they will get out on the ground.

All TRU agents wear balaclavas, goggles and tactical helmets, along with blue and black uniforms in addition to their ballistic armor. No markings indicating their nature as NOOSE agents are visible; the only real indicator is elements of their dialogue, and protagonist dialogue in certain missions. They are usually African-American, Hispanic, or Caucasian.

Basic Behavior

  • After the suspect is killed or arrested, the NOOSE Tactical Response Unit agents will remain in the combat area for at least 5 minutes. This is the same as in reality, as SWAT officers and other law enforcement officers are trained to remain at crime scenes in case there is another potentially dangerous suspect.
  • NOOSE TRU agents are well protected with Body Armour and do not lose health very quickly. Even if they wear helmets, a single headshot will instantly kill them like all pedestrians, however. It is the same thing with the FIB agents, but unlike TRU agents, they do not wear helmets. (However, it is notable that the pilots of the Police Mavericks used by NOOSE in shootouts sometimes do not wear helmets).
    • In Grand Theft Auto V, NOOSE agents are especially vulnerable on their legs, as any gunshot to the legs will result in them dying, either instantly or via blood loss, similar to LSPD officers and LSSD deputies.
  • TRU agents always use good cover (behind cars, behind walls, etc.)
    • TRU agents will also hide in unseen places to attack the suspect when they are off guard.
  • TRU agents always move together as a unit and pursue the player more aggressively than LCPD officers on foot.
  • TRU agents are usually in a crouched position, making it harder to get a headshot.
  • Like FIB agents, Tactical Response Unit agents will disappear off camera when the player has no Wanted Level.
  • When firing their weapons, NOOSE Tactical Response Unit agents always scream or show anger until they stop firing.
  • TRU agents can drag the player out of their escape vehicle, exposing them to law enforcement.
  • Like the LCPD and the FIB, NOOSE officers in GTA IV can make use of civilian vehicles when there are no available police cars. Similarly, they may get inside other police cars driven by an officer from the aforementioned agencies.

Employees and Associates

  • Bobby Jefferson - Secretary of Security Enforcement (former).
  • Mitch † - Officer seen escorting a convoy. Killed in an ambush.
  • Jeff † - Officer seen escorting a convoy. Killed in an ambush.

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Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty City
Cut Vehicles from Grand Theft Auto IV
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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online


Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty City

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online

NOOSE Stations

Main article: Police Stations

Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty City

  • No facilities are known in Liberty City; however, they most likely share stations with the LCPD. If Tactical Response Unit teams are deployed at four stars, the Dispatcher may be heard saying "Dispatch NOOSE team from (ex: Varsity Heights)", implying that teams could be responding from precincts located in the neighborhood that was mentioned. The East Holland Police Station and the Lower Easton Police Station could be two shared with regular police, since an Annihilator spawns in the helipads in GTA IV and TBOGT singleplayer.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online

Prominent Appearances in Missions

Grand Theft Auto IV

The Lost and Damned

The Ballad of Gay Tony

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto Online



  • A noose is a type of self-tightening knot, most commonly known for the Hangman's knot used in public hangings. A reference to the Hangman's knot is depicted on the eagle's shield within the NOOSE seal, also, there is a multiplayer mode named "Hangman's NOOSE". There is also an idiom, "to tighten the noose on [subject of sentence]", which means to enforce or clamp down on incorrect or illegal behavior, fitting the organization's role as law enforcers.
  • The NOOSE seal is a combination of the seals of the U.S Department Of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency. The primary design (the color scheme, the border and the eagle) is based on the Department of Homeland Security seal while the shield and key the eagle is holding is similar to the National Security Agency's seal.

Grand Theft Auto IV & Episodes from Liberty City

  • If the player throws a grenade under or near a NOOSE Enforcer, it will not even try to move away from that area, as normal police cars would.
  • NOOSE Tactical Response Unit peds are programmed to remain in a crouched position. This can be proven by spawning NOOSE TRU agents using trainers. However, NOOSE helicopter pilots can walk freely without crouching.
  • A NOOSE poster can be seen around Liberty City, depicting a Hispanic pedestrian, apparently a NOOSE agent, wearing a shirt bearing the NOOSE logo with a Pistol in his pants. His face bears strong resemblance to the Hispanic NOOSE TRU agents.
  • Blowing up a NOOSE-piloted Annihilator doesn't always seem to kill the occupants, if it is set alfame from gunfire. The officers will often fall out and seemingly to their doom, but it is quite common to see them falling from the sky and landing on the ground, alive. This can end up with the door gunners firing at the player from rooftops that they would otherwise never be on.
  • Unlike the LCPD's vehicles (with the exception of the Police Stockade) all NOOSE vehicles feature light bars that flash red and blue, whereas those of the LCPD flash red and white. This is due to the NOOSE's nature as a federal agency, and as such they do not have to adhere to state laws (in real life, New York state law dictates that emergency vehicles at both the local and state levels cannot have front-facing blue lights; this law does not apply to federal vehicles).
  • In multiplayer modes, even after 4 stars, NOOSE officers will always spawn in place of FIB agents, making the latter unique to story mode.

Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online

  • NOOSE drive more aggressively than the LSPD or the LSSD, more actively ramming into the player's vehicle. This will often result in car crashes, or the two agents hanging on the side getting knocked off the vehicle.
  • In the enhanced version, the NOOSE agents' helmet design was changed. The goggles, which are no longer worn, are now on the helmet.
  • In the enhanced version, NOOSE agents' helmets are considered props, which can be knocked off. As a side effect of this change, NOOSE appearing in missions often do not have helmets.
  • NOOSE Agents will sometimes counter a melee attack, knocking over the attacker and shooting them while they are down.
  • Outside of missions, TRU agents do not have any visible markings identifying them as being NOOSE personnel, such as patches or lettering, unlike their counterparts in GTA IV. They merely have the word "POLICE" printed on their vests. The player must rely on dialogue for distinctions.
  • With this in mind, TRU agents do not drive vehicles with NOOSE livery. They use Police Mavericks to deploy in the air and Sheriff SUVs/FIB Grangers on the ground. This gives them an appearance much more akin to local SWAT teams rather then a tactical federal intervention service.
  • Further, despite NOOSE markings being visible on the Police Riot, the vehicle is not used by TRU agents outside of missions. Rather, the LSPD will use the vehicle to erect roadblocks at four stars.
  • The uniforms used by the crew during the Casino Heist as their disguises have "N.O.O.S.E." stamped on the back and chest, instead of "POLICE".
  • The FIB tactical team agents seen in the mission The Wrap Up are essentially reskinned NOOSE agents. In fact, killing them count towards the "number of NOOSE agents killed" in the statistics.
  • NOOSE employs Gruppe Sechs guards, as they can be seen guarding the NOOSE headquarters and the server farm inside.
  • In Heist Prep: Hacking Device (NOOSE HQ mission variant) Lester Crest refers to an IAA ped model as a NOOSE agent.


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