Natalie Walsh Davis is the DJ of K-JAH in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. As the DJ of the station at the time, she runs the station in a different genre and format, playing 80's West London Dancehall in a more traditional Radio station format in comparison to her cousin's more laid back style in 2001. As evidenced by her commentary in station, she is a party girl and loves Dancehall, praising Dancehall singer Kenny Knots before and after his songs. Unlike her cousin Horace, she is also not a very big fan of Dub music as she puts down both Horace and the genre by saying "That boy got clot ear!". She also has respect for K-JAH West, telling listeners that if they head out to the west coast, they should tune into the Marshall Law Show. She goes further with this calling one of the DJs, Marshall Law a "Sexy Bastard", Natalie, between 1998 and 2001, is replaced as the DJ by her cousin Horace Walsh. She is voiced by Pascale Armand.

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