Mystaspot is a brand of detergents and cleaning agents in the Grand Theft Auto V.


Mystapot cannot be found physically in the game, but commercials for it are found on the TV and radio.

According to the advertisement, Mystaspot is an extremely corrosive, disinfectant heavy-duty cleaner that kills "9.9999999999% of all living tissue", although according to the television advertisement, the actual percentage may vary. It is able to remove coffee and wine stains, blood, dead cheerleaders, cats, vomit, "moonblood", and all traces of germs and living tissue, and can apparently "strip a baby down to the bone in less than an hour". The company's mascot is a heavyset woman with a red pixie cut and many scar wounds, giving the impression of a mutilated person.


  • The company's name is a parody of the term "missed a spot".
  • A lot of the advertisement has been filmed in locations in GTA V - The bed in the "dead cheerleader" sequence is from Trevor's Trailer, while the "cat vomit" scene is clearly taken in the kitchen of Floyd's Apartment.
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