"I'm going to. I have been having trouble getting it together."

Muscovski is a minor character appearing in Grand Theft Auto IV.


He is the man who works in the laundromat who owed money to Vlad. When Niko went to collect Vlad's money, Muscovski threw a laundry hamper at him, and tried to escape in a Laundromat, but was chased and pulled over by Niko. He said he would give Vlad his money, but was having trouble getting it together. He later appears in the mission Clean Getaway, having a friendly drink with Vlad, who tells him in Russian, that if he wants to make money here, he better work with him.

It should be noted that like a typical pedestrian in GTA IV, Muscovski's appearance will be different in each of his appearances, not just with his outfit, but also his facial features, lacking or featuring of a mustache, and sporting different eyebrows and hair design. In general, Muscovski can be described as a middle-aged man with a plump appearance.

His name means "Moscow's" in Russian. So it's likely that Vlad was simply calling him a "jerk from Moscow" or "Muscovite jerk".

Mission Appearances



  • He shares a similar appearance with Charles Matteo.
  • He shares the same character model for taxi drivers that are rarely seen in Hove Beach.


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