One of the entrances to the oil field.

The Murrieta Oil Field is an industrial area in metropolitan Los Santos, bordering East Los Santos to the west, El Burro Heights to the north and the Palomino Highlands to the east on El Burro Boulevard.

This area is supposedly rich in petroleum or crude oil deposits. The land contains various Brute pump jacks, which bob up and down to pump the crude oil from the ground.

There is a car scrapyard in this area, which can be purchased by either Michael, Trevor or Franklin for $275,000. After buying the property, the player will receive $150 for each destroyed car. It will also occasionally come under attack from The Lost MC.


It is based on the Inglewood Oil Field in Los Angeles County, California.

Events in GTA V

Note: This ending is confirmed to be non-canon to the storyline and the events featured do not relate to the series and therefore didn't have happened.

If the player chooses option A, the mission Something Sensible will take place in the Murrieta Oil Field. Franklin meets Trevor here and chases him throughout the city and eventually back here. Trevor tries to escape but Michael intervenes and crashes into his truck, making Trevor drive straight into a gasoline trailer. Trevor emerges from the wreckage as gasoline pours out of the tank and pools around him. Franklin then shoots the gasoline and it goes up into flames, setting Trevor ablaze and killing him. Shortly after, the entire tanker trailer explodes.


  • One of the 50 spaceship parts can be found in this area.
  • One of the 50 stunt jumps is performed near one of the factory buildings.



  • The name "Murrieta" could be a reference to the city of Murrieta, California, named after Juan Murrieta, a Spanish land owner in California in the late 19th century.
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