For the mission, see Heist Almighty - Mundano.

The Mundano is a vehicle that appears in the first Grand Theft Auto.


Grand Theft Auto

The Mundano is based on an early 90s Ford Mondeo/Ford Contour. The name is a combination of the words 'mundane' and 'Mondeo', 'mundano' was also a nickname some people used when referring to the Ford Mondeo itself, due to the fact that it was a very popular car and a common sight in the 1990s.


Grand Theft Auto

It has an average top speed, good handling and reasonable durability, making it a good all-round car.


Grand Theft Auto

The Mundano can be found in Liberty City, San Andreas and Vice City. It is featured in six missions. In mission Gangsta Bang - Phone 1, the player has to find a Mundano that Crazy Jimmy just dumped. In the vehicle mission Gangsta Bang - Coach, the protagonist has to get two Mundanos and take them to Ardler docks. During mission Heist Almighty - Penetrator, the player has to take a Mundano from Brix to Brocklyn; entering the vehicle eliminates the wanted level. In the vehicle mission Heist Almighty - Mundano, the car itself only triggers the mission, it is not required for completion. During mission Mandarin Mayhem - Phone 2: Mission 1, one of the restaurant owners, Lei Ming is waiting for the player next to his red Mundano with the protection money in a briefcase. In mission Tequila Slammer - Phone 1: Mission 2, one of El Burro's informants, Paulo is waiting for his money next to his red Mundano.


  • Taking the Mundano to a Pay 'n' Spray in either Liberty City or Vice City will result in the car being resprayed in one of four unique colours which are not found on streets. The San Andreas Pay 'n' Spray only changes the license plates.


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