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For the series' dedicated multiplayer title included in the Grand Theft Auto V retail copy, see Grand Theft Auto Online.

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Grand Theft Auto V Multiplayer

Grand Theft Auto V Multiplayer was the cancelled multiplayer mode for Grand Theft Auto V.

The development of the multiplayer mode was dropped by Rockstar North in favor of the stand-alone multiplayer title Grand Theft Auto Online, which comes free with every retail copy of Grand Theft Auto V and advertised as an entirely separate product ever since its release.


Little is known about this multiplayer mode; however, leftovers found in the game files and early development screenshots on Rockstar North's UI designer Steven Walsh's website[1] suggest the multiplayer mode was originally similar to Grand Theft Auto IV Multiplayer, accessed through a "Multiplayer" tab on the Pause Menu.

The only known game mode was some sort of "Territory War" between gangs of Los Santos and the LSPD dubbed "The CnC Heist" (Cops 'n' Crooks). Players would have to choose a gang member/cop model, each with a defined name, similar to the multiplayer character selection in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

The concept of the multiplayer mode appears to be have been a mix between two previous multiplayer game modes in the series – "Cops 'n' Crooks" from Grand Theft Auto IV and "Own The City" from The Lost and Damned.

The CnC Heist[]


Leftovers of the CnC Heist mode are found within the files for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V, including a total of 41 designated territory areas to be acquired by each gang, similar to Steven Walsh's territory map concept.

While the original 2012 concept map shows more than 41 territories in Los Santos alone, it also included areas that make no sense as a territory such as empty mountain ranges – the map was simply a concept regardless.

If the gang territory function is enabled in-game, each territory will cycle between three colors – blue, yellow and grey for the Cops, Vagos and Bikers respectively, also shown in the concept map. Each territory appears to support up to three possible owners simultaneously, and the map would cycle between each owner's colors.

Leftover Turfs[]

Model Description Map
Area Image
Mission Row MissionRowPoliceStation-GTAV Mission Row Police Station TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-MissionRow-Map
East Vinewood TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-EastVinewood The Lost MC Clubhouse TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-EastVinewood-Map
Cypress Flats TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-CypressFlats-1 Los Santos Vagos Auto Shop TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-CypressFlats-1-Map
Apart from each gang's HQs, there were other 38 regions to be taken over.
Los Santos International Airport TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-LosSantosInternationalAirport LSIA Freight Depot TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-LosSantosInternationalAirport-Map
El Burro Heights TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-ElBurroHeights-1 Warehouse TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-ElBurroHeights-1-Map
El Burro Heights TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-ElBurroHeights-2 Depot TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-ElBurroHeights-2-Map
Cypress Flats TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-CypressFlats-2 Grand Banks Steel Foundry TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-CypressFlats-2-Map
La Puerta TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-LaPuerta-1 Rogers Salvage & Scrap TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-LaPuerta-1-Map
La Puerta TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-LaPuerta-2 The Viceroy Hotels & Resorts TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-LaPuerta-2-Map
Puerto Del Sol PuertoDelSolYachtClub-GTAV Puerto Del Sol Yacht Club TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-PuertoDelSol-Map
Vespucci Canals TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-VespucciCanals-1 Vespucci Canals East TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-VespucciCanals-1-Map
Vespucci Canals TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-VespucciCanals-2 Vespucci Canals West TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-VespucciCanals-2-Map
Vespucci Beach TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-VespucciBeach-1 Vespucci Beach (beachside) TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-VespucciBeach-1-Map
Vespucci Beach TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-VespucciBeach-2 Vespucci Beach (neighborhood) TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-VespucciBeach-2-Map
Del Perro Beach DelPerroPier-GTAVee Del Perro Beach TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-DelPerroBeach-Map
Strawberry TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-Strawberry-1 Vanilla Unicorn TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-Strawberry-1-Map
Strawberry TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-Strawberry-2 Recycling Depot TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-Strawberry-2-Map
La Mesa TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-LaMesa-1 Skate park TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-LaMesa-1-Map
La Mesa TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-LaMesa-2 Los Santos Customs TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-LaMesa-2-Map
Legion Square TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-LegionSquare Legion Square TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-LegionSquare-Map
Pillbox Hill TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-PillboxHill Pillbox Hill parking lot TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-PillboxHill-Map
Mirror Park TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-MirrorPark-1 Central Mirror Park TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-MirrorPark-1-Map
Mirror Park TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-MirrorPark-2 East Mirror Park TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-MirrorPark-2-Map
Mirror Park TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-MirrorPark-3 North Mirror Park TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-MirrorPark-3-Map
Vinewood Racetrack TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-VinewoodRacetrack Vinewood Racetrack TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-VinewoodRacetrack-Map
Downtown Vinewood TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-DowntownVinewood GoPostal Building TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-DowntownVinewood-Map
West Vinewood TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-WestVinewood Eclipse TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-WestVinewood-Map
Morningwood TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-Morningwood-1 Morningwood East TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-Morningwood-1-Map
Morningwood TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-Morningwood-2 Morningwood West TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-Morningwood-2-Map
Little Seoul TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-LittleSeoul-1 Little Seoul TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-LittleSeoul-1-Map
Little Seoul TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-LittleSeoul-2 Little Seoul TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-LittleSeoul-2-Map
Little Seoul TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-LittleSeoul-3 Little Seoul TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-LittleSeoul-3-Map
Chumash TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-Chumash-1 Chumash Historic Family Pier TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-Chumash-1-Map
Chumash TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-Chumash-2 Chumash Beachside Houses TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-Chumash-2-Map
Grand Senora Desert TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-GrandSenoraDesert-1 Harmony Gas Station TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-GrandSenoraDesert-1-Map
Grand Senora Desert TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-GrandSenoraDesert-2 Sandy Shores Airfield TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-GrandSenoraDesert-2-Map
Sandy Shores TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-SandyShores-1 East Sandy Shores TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-SandyShores-1-Map
Sandy Shores TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-SandyShores-2 West Sandy Shores TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-SandyShores-2-Map
Grapeseed TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-Grapeseed McKenzie Field TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-Grapeseed-Map
Paleto Bay TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-PaletoBay-1 South Paleto Bay TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-PaletoBay-1-Map
Paleto Bay TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-PaletoBay-2 North Paleto Bay TheCnCHeist-GTAVe-UnusedTurf-PaletoBay-2-Map

Yellow Jack Inn Portraits[]

Screenshots of the multiplayer menu are used as portraits inside the Yellow Jack Inn, alongside other early development footage of Grand Theft Auto V.

Barber Shop Portraits[]

Screenshots of pedestrian models following the same pattern as the Multiplayer UI character selection are used as portraits inside the Herr Kutz Barber shop, which may possibly be related to the cancelled multiplayer.


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