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Home to the rich and famous. Playground of mega-wealthy entertainment moguls, plastic surgeons and divorce lawyers.

— GTA San Andreas Website

The Mulholland Safehouse is a mansion available for purchase by Carl Johnson in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Mulholland safehouse contains an empty pool and jacuzzi, a garage that can contain one normal sized car and one motorbike. The interior is quite spacious; it has a large living room that has couches, a stereo system and a television. Connecting to the living room is the kitchen, followed by the hallway, which contains many modernized rooms, a wardrobe, and a bathroom with a sink and a bathtub. Unlike the Johnson House, all doors can be opened and rooms entered.

At $120,000, it is the most expensive safehouse in the game. It is based on the iconic Stahl House in Los Angeles. The location is labeled as Vinewood Hills Mansion on the official GTA San Andreas website.


  • The player can save small helicopters like the Sea Sparrow and various cars (with the help of a Packer) on the roof of the garage. When the garage door closes, any vehicle placed on top of the garage will disappear, but will appear again when the garage reopens.
  • In the original PS2 version, a portion of the glass on the south side of the building near the pool is not solid. The player can walk through it and then fall through blue hell for a while, and then respawn on the nearby road under the bridge.
  • The location of the house on a very high point overlooking Los Santos makes it (and vehicles parked outside) vulnerable to the Random Plane Crash Glitch.



  • Due to Madd Dogg's crib not having a garage, this is the closest safehouse where a vehicle may be stored.
  • In the beta, the safehouse was much more detailed, and featured large glass windows around the house through which the interior of the house could be seen. This can be seen in a beta screenshot of the house in the official GTA: San Andreas website. However, this was changed at the last moment, possibly due to graphic limitations, or perhaps in order to use a different interior, which explains why the interior contradicts the exterior.
    • There was also water in the pool, which isn't there in the final.