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"Marty wants to see me? Well, it better be quick, because I have to get my hair done"
―Mrs. Chonks

Mrs. Chonks is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto III.



Mrs. Chonks is the wife of Marty Chonks. She is known to spend a lot of money, particularly for herself. This is despite the fact that Marty is losing vast amounts of money from his dog food factory (although this is more likely because there is a ban on dogs in Liberty City). She is also cheating on Marty with a man called Carlos, which he seems to be aware of.

In an attempt to gain money for his business, Marty decides to kill her to gain the money from her life insurance policy. Marty Chonks employs Claude to pick her up from Classic Nails, before she gets her hair done. Mrs. Chonks is then murdered by Marty, who turns her corpse into dog food. The car that Claude had driven her in is dumped into the sea, in order to eliminate any evidence.

Prominent Appearances in Missions


  • Being a minor character, she does not use a unique character model and instead uses a pedestrian model seen in most areas of Liberty City.



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