"No, he ain't the Mr. Raspberry Jam I knew and loved."
"He brought great joy to a lonely man..."

Mr. Raspberry Jam is a stuffed teddy bear owned initially by Floyd Hebert, and later on by Trevor Philips, in Grand Theft Auto V.


He is first seen in the mission Scouting the Port. Once the player passes the mission, the player can interact with him in Floyd's Apartment.

During the time Trevor lives in the apartment, he savagely defiled the toy several times, including tearing out an eye and pulling out some of its stuffing, much to the dismay of Floyd.

When "playing" with Mr. Raspberry Jam as Trevor, all Trevor will do is lift it up, say something to it, and put it back down, there are several different animations that go with this.

After the deaths of Floyd and his fiancée, Debra, Mr. Raspberry Jam is now in Trevor's hands. The toy will be placed on the front grille of Trevor's Bodhi (if the stock bumper is fitted). In the end, Mr. Raspberry Jam is left severely abused and acts as a vehicle modification instead of a regular toy.

If Franklin Clinton and Michael De Santa kill Trevor in Something Sensible, Trevor's truck will be destroyed in a petrol explosion, destroying Mr. Raspberry Jam if he's installed onto the truck.



  • The size of the hole in Mr. Raspberry Jam's head, along with the nature of the white texture on the bear's plush, would seem to suggest that Trevor may have had intercourse with him, rather than simply tearing the bear apart.


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